A Conversation with Alanna Sarabia

This week on The Fielder Report I sit down with host of Good Morning Texas, Alanna Sarabia. We talk the ins and outs of being a TV host, the power of positivity, she makes a big announcement and so much more. 

A Conversation with Amanda Tatom

Tune in as I sit down with my friend, Austin-based TV personality Amanda Tatom! We talk our kids, a few of her favorite TV guests and what she likes most about her job. Check it out!

Work From Home Wear

I talk work from home fashion! From Zoom calls to days where you just need to send a few emails. Check out all the cute looks at and get them at amazing deals this weekend!

Making Work From Home Work For You

This week I talk all things working from home to home-schooling and Zoom calls. Check it out or give it a listen anywhere you listen to podcasts.

A Conversation with Cynthia Smoot

The Fielder Report, a conversation with Cynthia Smoot is live! Watch to hear us about talk the major switch PR has seen, Cynthia’s tips for your marketing your business, her favorite memory as a PR mogul and so much more. Check it out on youtube or anywhere you consume podcasts.

A Conversation with Tiffany Hendra

A conversation with Tiffany Hendra is live on The Fielder Report we talk all things women empowerment, her time on The Real Housewives of Dallas to name a few. Check it out on youtube or listen to it everywhere you listen to podcasts.

A Conversation with the Ladies of Bubble Lounge Podcast

A conversation with the ladies of Bubble Lounge Podcast, Nellie Sciutto and Martha Jackson, we talk going back to school amid COVID, fashion, how they became friends and hosts and so much more. Don’t have time to watch, give it a listen on your favorite podcast app or click here.

The Fielder Report Podcast is Live!

The Fielder Report by Kathy Fielder Podcast is here. Listen everywhere Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, I Heart Radio

The Fielder Report is a podcast too! We know you are busy and don’t always have time to watch, so listen while you drive, run errands or workout, the possibilities to be inspired are endless. Listen here.

A Serene + Stylish Bedroom

Your bedroom is your oasis. After a long day, this is the spot you need to unwind, refresh and rest. Watch as KF shares her expert tips on creating a truly tranquil bedroom and see even more inspo on

The Blue Edit

Who doesn’t love blue? Kathy Fielder Boutique has the most fabulous blue pieces from navy to baby and everything in between. Watch KF walk you through the blue edit and shop it at

Activewear You Need

KF walks you through her must-have activewear from Kathy Fielder Boutique. Watch above and snag your favorites here. Looking for more wellness inspo? Check out the entire wellness edit at

All About Masks

Help keep your entire family safe with Kathy Fielder Boutique kids masks, adults masks, thermometers and more. Watch as KF walks you through KFB’s entire assortment of PPE and get yours here. Looking for more wellness inspo? Check out the entire wellness edit at

All Things Skincare

Kathy Fielder Boutique has the best skincare, KF has tried it all herself and recommends every single item they have in stock. Watch as she shares her top recommendations and get them here. Looking for more wellness inspo? Check out the entire wellness edit at

Blushing Over Blush

The segment you all know and love is newly revamped to bring you even more exciting content relevant to your life and style in an easy to access video format on YouTube filled with inspiration, expert tips, interviews with celebs + personalities on relevant topics that you want to hear and are probably looking for answers to, just like me. Watch the video above and read more here.

The Wellness Edit

Wellness has always been something I’ve been more than passionate about for myself and those who matter most in my life. Improving myself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually is something that is a life mandate and pursuit for me. Read it all here.

Looking Forward to 2020

What an extraordinary year 2019 was for me! So many major events happened in my life and most of my life is completely different from one year ago.  Within one year’s time (actually the last 6 months), I remodeled and moved my Dallas boutique, Kathy Fielder Design | Life | Style (not by choice, but by necessity), and had my grand re-opening there in November. Read it all here.

Aesthetics Concierge

Mom of five, Natalie is an anesthesiologist and saw a need for a boutique service that would come to you and cater to the client’s needs. Realizing she saw an opportunity in the marketplace, she created Aesthetics Concierge to support herself and her children outside of her medical practice. Read more here.

Highland Park Charity Night at DIBS

Recently the Editor Of Estate Life Magazine, Beverly Smirnis hosted a unique event. One of the underlying tenants of Estate life, as well as for husband and wife team Scott and Beverly Smirnis is their desire to support the amazing charitable work that so many of the residents of Dallas do for our community, our nation, our world. Read more here.

Q+A with Indie Beauty Expo Founder Jillian Wright

The KF Team recently visited the Dallas Indie Beauty Expo. It was a beauty guru’s dream, with exciting indie brands galore! From skincare and makeup to CBD oils and even a sexual wellness section (which is a huge topic in the marketplace currently), the expo touched on everything beauty, lifestyle, and wellness and so much more! Read more here.

Meditation Basics with Guest Blogger Abra Liberman Garrett

As close friends do, Kathy and I have spoken quite extensively over the years about the stress, pressure, and even the occasional (ok maybe not so “occasional”) sense of being overwhelmed we can experience in our day-to-day lives. Read more here.

Wellness 101

What does wellness really mean? It’s super objective to everyone. Is it food, exercise, mental health, meditation, or a little mixture of it all? Here at KF, we are dedicated to living a healthy and productive lifestyle. We are not talking fad diets and 7 day a week intense workouts with fewer calories. Wellness is all about balance. Read more here.

Austin Street Shelter

Keana Meyers and I recently visited Austin Street Shelter, where we had the privilege of learning all about this amazing center. To say it was inspiring is truly an understatement! My team, myself and Keana were lucky enough to talk with Charolette Baker, Austin Street Shelter’s advancement manager. She shared with us information about the shelter, from statistics, the story, the mission, and more. Read more here.

Dallas Veterinary Clinic

Photo by Jin Kim

I recently visited Dallas Veterinary Clinic located at 6125 Sherry Lane, Dallas, TX. Dr. Ashley Priddy, his wife, Ashley Priddy, and his amazing staff were kind enough to invite me for a visit. My sweet golden retriever Pearl, and her adorable half sister, Hazel joined me on the trip to check out their newly remodeled clinic, which is designed to make your family pet happy, and safe. Read more.

The Elisa Project ~ Life Lessons Luncheon

Photo by Thomas Garza

The Elisa Project is an organization founded 30 years ago and is dedicated to helping fight against eating disorders. On February 26th, TEP held it’s annual Life Lessons Luncheon at Dallas Market Center. The Life Lessons Luncheon is a very important fundraiser for The Elisa Project and helps raise much needed funding for the fight against eating disorders, as well as education and care. Read more.

Sip + Shop For The Elisa Project Life Lessons Luncheon

Photo by Victor Aguirre

Always one to host a party, especially for a worthy and charitable cause, Kathy Fielder hosted a fab event at her studio Kathy Fielder Design | Life | Style. A post-Valentine’s Day Sip + Shop For a Cause, this event benefitted The Elisa Project Life Lessons Luncheon being held February 26th at the Dallas Market Center. Read more.


Photo by Jin Kim

Let’s face it…we all want to look and feel our best. Part of that is taking care of yourself and doing what I’ve always called “Hollywood Maintenance”. Little things go a long way in keeping a youthful and glowing appearance and do wonders for your self esteem and confidence levels. Read more here.


New Year, Better You

Photo by Thomas Garza

A new year means a time to reinvent yourself, set goals, and decide what you want your future to hold. My goals for 2019 aren’t really glamorous or extraordinary. In fact, you might say they are typical. I lead a crazy busy life as wife, mom, entrepreneur, and influencer. I find I don’t take enough time for me to do the things that I want or need to do for myself. 2019 is going to be different. Read more here.


Alzheimer’s Awareness

Photo by Danny Campbell

I recently attended The Purple Luncheon, an event held by The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement and founder Maria Shriver. While there, I learned some remarkable and notable facts, some actually quite astonishing. Here at KF, we feel it is so important to shine  light on relevant and pertinent causes and issues. Alzheimer’s in women is one of these causes. Read more here.


The Women That Soar Awards

Photo by Danny Campbell

The eleventh annual Women That Soar Awards took place on Saturday, November 10, 2018. The nationally televised award show held at the historic Statler Hotel in Dallas, Texas honored a fantastically diverse and dynamic group of women. Kathy Fielder received the 2018 Entrepreneur Award. Read more about it here.


KF Design | Life | Style supports Exodus Road

Photo by Jin Kim

Human Trafficking is a relevant and urgent issue in our society today.  Dallas is one of the top human trafficking cities in the United States.  KF and team hosted an event to help fund The Exodus Road, so we can all contribute and help put a stop to human trafficking.  Read more here.



Photo by Manuel Aldana

My fourteen year old daughter, Isabella and I visited Guatemala with Orphan Outreach a couple weeks ago. We visited for a very  special purpose.  Our mission.. to redo and design rooms in an orphanage for wonderful girls who have been abused and removed from their homes. Read more here.


Sushi, Sake + Self Defense

On Saturday, September 15, I did a special Fielder Report event.  I hosted Sushi, Sake + Self Defense at Chamberlain’s Studio of Self Defense in Dallas. This event was all about educating and empowering women and girls on how to take care of themselves in a crisis situation. Read more here.


The Elisa Project’s ESTEEM Fashion Show

Thursday, September 6th. The Elisa Project held their 9th Annual ESTEEM Fashion Show at Tootsies, located at 8300 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX Kathy Fielder and daughter, Isabella Fielder, co-hosted the event with friends and fellow mom/daughter duo Abra Garrett and Charley Garrett. Read more about it here.


Stop the Mom Guilt

Photo by Thomas Garza

We all have those moments as moms where we feel an extreme guilt that we aren’t there, aren’t doing enough, making mistakes as mother.  The newest Fielder Report is all about how to Stop The Mom Guilt, and why you should be easier to yourself.  Read it here.


Ladies Who Slay The Real Way ?

Sometimes it seems that our current cultural climate is such that snarkiness is celebrated, and adversarial relationships between women are accepted, even encouraged, for the sake of entertainment. Kathy Fielder is determined to alter that optic and shine a spotlight on successful, industrious women who are working hard to invest in their jobs, communities, families, and each other.

Read more about Kathy’s inspo behind this dynamic new series  here..



Installment One

Lea Fisher

Read Lea Fisher and The Art of Introspection



Installment Two

Keetha Diaz Hanlin

Read Keetha Diaz Hanlin and The Beauty of Balance



Installment Three

LaToya Jones

Read LaToya Jones and The Royal Art of Inspiration



Installment Four

Kathy Fielder

Read Kathy Fielder and Hard Work & Perseverance Do Pay Off



Installment Five

Gretchen Darby

Read Gretchen Darby, on her often exhilarating (and occasionally exhausting) life as a Public Relations Entrepreneur here.


Mad Hatter’s 2018 Recap

Photo: Danny Campbell

Read about Mad Hatter’s here.



Installment Six

Maya Crothers

Read Maya Crothers, Marrying Beuaty and Business here.



FGI Scholarship Competition 2018

Fashion Group International is Dallas awards over $60,000 in scholarship monies to students from 13 universities. FGI Dallas is the only chapter to still hold the scholarship competition. The goal is to reward students who show outstanding achievements in the world of fashion and fashion design. Read more about it here.



Jack Retro 1 Year Anniversary (filmed by Bravo Network) Recap

Read the full writeup here..



Installment Seven

Rhonda Sargent Chambers

Read Rhonda Sargent Chambers, On Managing Her Events – And Her Life – With Passion here..



Installment Eight

Alison Volk

Read Alison Volk on Building Relationships, Giving Back, and Listening to Your Inner Voice here..



Installment Nine

Britt Harless

Read Britt Harless on Success, Failure, an dFinding What Fuels You here.



Muffins + Mimosas For Good at KF Design | Life | Style

Read all About Muffins + Mimosas for Good here.



Installment Ten

Michelle Hollaender

Read Michelle Hollaender on opportunities to offer Esperanza (hope) to our friends in Guatemala here.


Photo: Danny Campbell

THE FIELDER REPORT feature Women That Soar and their honoree reception, where Kathy was announced as the upcoming Entrepreneur of the Year and will receive her award on November 10, 2018 on the nationally televised awards show.  Read all about it here.



Installment Eleven

Amber LaFrance

Photo: Bob Manzano

Amber LaFrance, on Humble Hustling and Building your Brand here.