Wellness 101

Wellness 101

What does wellness really mean? It’s super objective to everyone. Is it food, exercise, mental health, meditation, or a little mixture of it all? Here at KF, we are dedicated to living a healthy and productive lifestyle. We are not talking fad diets and 7 day a week intense workouts with fewer calories. Wellness is all about balance. It’s being tuned into your mind, body and spirit. Knowing when to rest if need be and knowing when you can run that extra mile or maybe just sit on a sunny patio with a friend. KF is here with her wellness regimen to help you become the best version of yourself because life is short, and you deserve to be your very best every day!


KF made a change to her diet in 2017. A complete diet change to eating raw and more balanced meals, coupled with being mindful of calorie intake meant some amazing changes! She didn’t hire anyone, she just really dove in and made a commitment to her well-being. The focus was on a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix. This is how she got healthy and has stayed healthy, feels better than she has in years, and lost over 30 pounds!

Eating raw isn’t always an easy task. Kathy advises to add in pure foods that you know the ingredients, and be mindful that the source of the ingredients does make a difference. Knowing what fuels your body and how your body functions at it’s highest level is a process and can change at different phases of your life. A raw diet is proven to reduce inflammation, reduce the signs of aging, and create a more radiant feel and appearance. The benefits speak for themselves. A completely raw diet may not be for everyone, but you can model some of the changes and still see big benefits by implementing small changes and choices.

See the Beginner’s Guide To The Raw Food Diet on healthline.com.

KF advises requesting very little oil or butter when you go to a restaurant. The overuse of oil and butter in food is an absolutely unnecessary portion of your diet and packs on calories you don’t need, not to mention they have no nutritional value. Kathy also advises to ask for steamed veggies. Order fresh grilled fish. Big players that affect your diet are gluten and dairy. Eat these in moderation. Eat things your body needs, not everything your body wants. If you want a piece of pizza, take a bite or two and then give yourself a minute. After the first few bites, it’s usually not as good as the first bite, and you are just eating extra junk food that has absolutely no benefit.

KF Tip ~ Be aware that you will want to include supplements that enhance the nutrients your body may miss from eating things like dairy or gluten. Add in vitamin B, D, and magnesium, which Kathy notes is very important in managing stress. Whatever your diet choices, be educated and see what nutrients you might be missing and supplement to feel your best.

Mental Health

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KF’s bff Abra Liberman Garrett is a yoga instructor / meditation expert. She worked with Kathy on some poses and thoughts on how Kathy could work through her fast-paced life as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and public figure to find some peace and feel more centered and connected. Meditation is a key component to life long practices that keep you on track, decrease stress, and bring more self awareness. Deep breathing, reflection, and focus, as well as being present with yourself are just the scratch on the surface when it comes to meditation. The benefits are practically endless. People who meditate are more centered, have an ability to field stress in a more methodical manner, and meditation has even been shown to be one of the key components to ward off Alzheimers.

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Kathy goes every 6 months or so and has her blood work done at Formula Wellness. She meets with husband and wife team Dr. Brian Rudman and Chrissy Rudman,RTR CNMT to see what nutrients are missing or depleted and to gauge if she needs to supplement or make changes in her diet or add in a medication. IV’s to help rejuvenate and fuel bodies are a key component of Formula Wellness, which is committed to extensive therapies that increase the overall well-being and health of it’s patients in a modern day, busy world.


Working out regularly makes anyone simply feel better. A good sweat gives you an edge on staying healthy, living longer, and feeling younger. It may be the most key component to improve your health and appearance. It releases endorphins, which have amazing health benefits. It’s so important to carve out this time for yourself. Whether it’s a run, an exercise class, or riding a bike, staying active is key. Even 10-15 minutes has benefits and is necessary for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Core classes, strength training, calorie burning, and stretching are all key to maintaining a healthy physique and so important for the long term health benefits and longevity.


Yoga is one of our favorite forms of exercise. It promotes phenomenal mental health and focus, and the benefits have been proven over and over. Not only do you become mentally healthier, more focused, and stronger, you increase flexiblity and increase strength and balance while working different muscles deep within your core that stabilize and ward off injury.

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KF Tip ~ Your wellness is more than a jog or squats. Different parts of the body can be improved that help your overall wellness in the long run. Gadgets like the Upright Go help with posture. Correct and proper posture not only increases your well-being, it also increases your confidence and makes an incredible difference in all those group photos. The Upright Go reminds you when your posture isn’t what it should be. You utilize it with a user-friendly app to improve your posture, helping with pain from poor posture and increasing core muscle strength and stability.

Modern Technology


There are so many modalities to promote a healthier you. Kathy recently teamed up with Phoenix Regen to test out some modern day tech that is designed to help the body recover and rejuvenate at a faster pace. The mission of Phoenix Regen is to give its clients many modalities that have been reserved for elite pro athletes.

Kathy doing cryotherapy

Different modalities like cryotherapy (see the benefits here), LX2 (which is almost like a “spot treatment” laser that rejuvenates the cells and provides oxygen and rejuvenation at a deep cellular level). It is an excellent therapy to promote more rapid healing for acute injuries. There is also Novathor, which looks like an old school tanning bed, but is actually a laser bed that digs deep into the cellular level to make a huge improvement from deep within the cells. It repairs the body “from the inside out” so to speak, and is used to promote overall wellness for the entire body. Some even see improvements in their vision and a boost in their metabolism. These are just a few of the ways that Phoenix Regen is remaking the modern world of recovery and anti-aging more effective.



Spiritual is different for everyone, but most feel there is something that drives us or keeps us moving everyday. Something bigger than what we are or who we are that gives us a sense of purpose and meaning. In today’s world there are so many names for that. Allah, God, Jesus, Buddha to name a few. The most important thing is to allow that spiritual side of us to acknowledge it’s importance and listen to that inner voice that tells us to move forward or back off or everything will be ok. For Kathy that voice is God, but it’s important to realize that differences in belief and culture are what make us great. Learning to listen to the inner voice that drives us is a key element in finding overall happiness and health. It is real and present and learning to trust that impulse is key to success and well-being.