Favorite Fall Workouts Essentials

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just enjoy a good workout, the right workout attire is key to looking and working out with your best foot forward. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling comfortable and confident as you take your workout to the next level.

We’ve put together your best essentials that can enhance your performance while adding a dash of style to your fitness routine. But that’s not all… A fit lifestyle is key to your mental and physical well-being. Let’s face it, a workout that feels like a chore is not all that motivating. We have tips to inject excitement into your exercise regimen, making it more enjoyable. engaging,  and efficient with pro tips from Fitness expert, Rob Zschau of Redigo. So, let’s get ready to break a sweat, feel fab, and achieve those fitness goals!

Meet YUNOGA workout clothes, your new best friend for looking fabulous during your sweat sessions. YUNOGA is one of KF’s most favorite fitness brands. It fits well, performs at a high level, and gives you premium comfort and style at a price that won’t make your wallet sweat. These workout essentials are all about giving you the feels – the comfy, confident, conquer-the-world kind of feels. Check out KF’s faves on  Amazon.

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Sometimes, the simplest workouts are the best. A long walk in your neighborhood or a backyard HIIT session can be just as effective as a trip to the gym. The key is consistency and having the right mindset, and sometimes a trip to the gym just isn’t in the cards. Home workout essentials are a must for any girl on the go.  Find the best yoga mat, waist trainer, weights, bands, and more on Kathy Fielder’s on KF’s fitness page!

Next, look into gym shoes! Invest in cute, comfortable, and supportive workout shoes that not only protect your feet but also enhance your performance. After all, fitness is all about feeling good, and it starts with what you wear on your feet. Happy feet result in Happy workouts! 👟

REDIGO Health Coaching with Rob Zschau
Tips for Women On the Go from REDIGO Founder:


1. Prioritize Consistency Over Duration: Maintaining a consistent exercise routine is essential, even if you have limited time. Aim for shorter, high-intensity workouts that can be squeezed into your busy schedule. If done consistently, ten to fifteen minutes of vigorous exercise can be as effective as longer workouts.

2. Incorporate Functional Exercises: Choose exercises that mimic real-life movements, such as squats, lunges, and planks. These will help improve strength, balance, and flexibility, making daily activities easier to manage. 

3. Embrace Interval Training: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a time-efficient way to burn calories and improve cardiovascular fitness. Incorporate short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief rest periods. A 20-minute HIIT session can be highly effective. 


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