The Fielder Report ~ Ladies Who Slay The Real Way ?

The Fielder Report ~ Ladies Who Slay The Real Way ?


Features Rhonda Sargent Chambers

Ladies Who Slay the Real Way

A weekly series about women entrepreneurs coming together to be the change, in Dallas and beyond.

By Abra Liberman Garrett

Ladies Who Slay the Real Way – Installment Seven

Rhonda Sargent Chambers, On Managing Her Events – And Her Life – With Passion

Many people would look at the life of a model turned event producer and assume it is all glitz and glamour, but Rhonda Sargent Chambers would beg to differ. When she made the exciting but daunting decision to start her own company in 2001 she was pregnant with her second son and still working as a model at the Kim Dawson Agency. It may seem that was a strange time to embark on a whole new journey, but Rhonda was about ready to “hang up her pumps” and as we all know, society dictates models tend to have something of a “shelf-life” anyway. Additionally, sometimes the only way to manage being a working mom is to be one’s own boss. Rhonda looked deep into her own soul and asked herself some questions (questions which, incidentally, could benefit us all) she asked:

What do I love? Fashion and events.

What are some of my best traits? I am organized, kind, calm, and sincere.

What is in my “wheelhouse”? Managing chaos, reinventing concepts, forging through the fine lines and the details.

What is my professional skillset? Business management, advertising, and PR, creating proposals.

And after answering these questions and engaging in some self-exploration regarding her own values, goals, and needs, she realized that combining her life/work experiences, her desire to create, and her love of people, would permit her to find a profession that both nourished her soul and allowed her to prioritize her family. Because of this epiphany, RCS Show Productions was born.

In retrospect Rhonda admits that it was a “big mistake” to take so much on at once without having had full time experience in production, along with a knowledgeable staff. She was primarily a solo worker at that time (save for an intern or two along the way) and spent a lot of sleepless nights alternating between writing scripts and breastfeeding her baby. One of the attributes that make Rhonda successful to this day however, is her ability to ask for help and surround herself with good people. She wisely compiled a qualified team and she credits them with taking her company to the next level. Sometimes perfectionists have trouble delegating and letting go, but Rhonda realized that if she wanted to be the mother she aspired to be, she would have to do just that. She credits this decision as a prime component to the success of her company. But her choice to relinquish some of the control had another affect as well – it allowed her more quality time with her family.

As many of us do, Rhonda had certain non-negotiables that guided her life, one of which was that everyday she would be there to pick her boys up from school. Having been influenced and shaped by the example of her own working parents, Rhonda was able to ascertain what she most wanted to prioritize as she and her husband of 27 years raised their own family. Rhonda explains that her mother was the queen of multi-tasking and an amazing example, and her father taught her to be strong and honest. Today this culmination of her upbringing and life experiences has enabled her to help others create their dreamscape. As part of her professional and personal journey, Rhonda has made giving back a huge priority as well, and she often works with prominent not-for-profits as part of her personal incentive.

While not easy, Rhonda knows her sacrifices were all worth it, for today she is living a life that means she can prioritize her family, be professionally productive, while contributing to causes she believes in. As an active public speaker, mentor, and teacher, Rhonda’s mantra is based on believing in oneself and pursuing dreams, regardless of how challenging – and she is living proof that this belief works. To learn more about Rhonda, her work, and her passions, please visit her RSC website here or find her in these links.

About The Writer

Abra Liberman Garrett is a writer, wife, mother, yogi, and community activist. Dear friends, Abra and Kathy bonded over their shared love of family, philanthropy, fashion, giving back, and vanilla vodka sodas with a mandarin twist. Abra, a  freelancer for various publications such as Modern Luxury, looks forward to future collaborations with KF.

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Photo Credit: Bob Manzano