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THE FIELDER REPORT Features LaToya Jones

Introducing Ladies Who Slay the Real Way

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Ladies Who Slay the Real Way – Installment Three

By Abra Liberman Garrett

LaToya Jones, and the Royal Art of Inspiration

When you meet LaToya Jones she radiates a quiet strength and calmness. She is an artist of the highest caliber and in an industry rich in talent she has found ways to differentiate herself and stand out. Her paintings are the product of mixed media, including precious materials such as crushed gems, gold, and silver.

LaToya’s fundamental belief is that life imitates art and all the experiences and emotions we have, even the hard ones, can be used to shape us into the best person we can be. This philosophy is also the primary influence in creating her work. She collaborates with her clients to get to know them and be able to foster a connection so the art she designs for them will speak not just to their aesthetic sensibilities, but also to their heart and soul. Her painstaking attention to detail, her love of color, depth, and layering results in work that doesn’t just look lovely but also inspires conversations.

It may be logical to deduce from the name of her business, Forever Royalty, and the beautiful finished products, that it is all fairly glamorus, but one needs only to hop over to her Artist LaToya Jones, Forever Royalty Facebook or Instagram page to get a glimpse of all the work involved. There are pictures of her in protective clothing, since she regularly works with fire as a part of her process, as well as shots of her working while wearing a chemical respirator mask.  Many of her pieces are quite large and so her work is not only mentally demanding, but physically as well. But to LaToya it is a privilege to be commissioned to create something for someone that will speak to their spirit and be treasured for generations to come, so it is all worth it in the end.

“I design with the notion that it could be for a king, or a queen. I imagine a life for my pieces that will no longer be my own. My process, while not always efficient or economical, is all about detail, quality, and perfection,” says LaToya. With a motivation to create beauty for all to enjoy, to spark conversations, and to represent all the facets of our existence, good or bad, it is easy to see why the proud owners of her pieces take such pride in them. And isn’t that the reason for art in the first place? For in the words of Pablo Picasso “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

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About The Writer

Abra Liberman Garrett is a writer, wife, mother, yogi, and community activist. Dear friends, Abra and Kathy bonded over their shared love of family, philanthropy, fashion, giving back, and vanilla vodka sodas with a mandarin twist. Abra, a  freelancer for various publications such as Modern Luxury, looks forward to future collaborations with KF.

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Photo Credit: Bob Manzano

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