DIY Projects That YOU Can Do

We all know that a DIY project every now again – especially during the springtime, can be a little fun and ultimately a pretty big ego boost. The key for DIY is finding a project that you will enjoy, won’t overwhelm you or be beyond your expertise, and one that you can finish in a day. There’s nothing worse than starting a project and not being able to finish, while it lingers over your head and gives you a sense of guilt every time you look at it. We came up with a few projects that we thought were functional and looked great too, without having to bring in an entire construction team to make them happen. Budget friendly, doable projects that will make you feel good and look great too!

Hanging Hammock Chair

This type of chair is perfect for kids and adults alike. Place one in a bedroom, by a window in the living room, or even outside on the porch. Endless fabric choices give you creative liberty to match your home’s design aesthetic. Need this right now? Check out the tutorial here!

Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

Yep!  You can make this yourself.  How cozy.. These chunky throws are so popular and truly work to make any room feel more inviting and cozy. The amazing thing about this tutorial is you can knit it yourself, and we promise, it’s not that hard. Ready to make your own? Here is how to achieve this.

X-Leg Side Table

An x-leg side table is a chic addition to any bedroom or living area. Classic with clean lines, the great thing about making your own is that you can personalize it to go with everything else in your room. From the perfect color and hardware to the finish, it’s all up to you to create the perfect little table. Best part about it?  Everytme you look at it, you will love that you made it.  Learn how to put it together here.

KF Tip ~ Find the perfect trey and build your piece dimensions around the trey size.  It’s a decorative flourish that is both functional and beautiful.  Easy to remove and use for entertaining or when you are working in bed.

See More on KF’s new furniture line on Home World Business and more on removable treys that create function and beauty in furniture and decor here.

Monogram Planter

The perfect personalized addition to any front or back porch, a monogram planter is a fab, personalized accent that is beautiful and functional.  You can plant your favorite flower in a multitude of colors, make a succulent or herb garden to add a pretty pop of color to the exterior of your home.. Learn how to build a monogrammed planter.

Pendant Lighting

All you need for this fun DIY is some nesting bowls and nylon cords to make and personalize your own light fixture. Possibilities and styles are endless.  Place it above your dining room table or down a hallway for a unique pop!  This installation can be a great statement in a reading alcove or sitting area as well.  Here’s how you make them.

Wallpaper Dresser

This is the perfect way to update an old dresser, or start fresh by getting an inexpensive dresser and making it your own. Repurposing is responsible and sustainable.  The key to this application –  use a paint with a high gloss finish. Next, find some beautiful wallpaper and apply it to the front of the dresser drawers with wallpaper glue. The finishing touch .. add some fabulous handles to the front of the dresser and viola!, you have the perfect statement piece.

xo, KF

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