Wellness has always been something I’ve been more than passionate about for myself and those who matter most in my life. I have to say one of the benefits of COVID is that I learned it is time to take care of me too, so I can be better for my family and the people in my life that matter the most to me.

This week on The Fielder Report we’re talking all things beauty + wellness. It is so important, especially in times like this, to take care of you and get a little self-care into your schedule. This week our videos discuss skincare, masks – for kids and adults, and workout wear you need right now at

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The Fielder Report ~ The Wellness Edit

Skinfinity Dallas

Spa Day at Home

The Skincare Edit

All About Masks

We have kids masks and adult masks to help keep you and your family safe at

Make Your Own Mask

Check out how to create your own mask with materials from home here

Chic Activewear


Another way to give yourself a little boost is cutting off your locks and creating a fresh, new look! A haircut can change your whole outlook and is such a quick fix to feel refreshed. My daughter Bella + I just got back from our incredible mother / daughter road trip from Texas to Florida – stopping in NOLA along the way to check in on the boutique… and to change up our look! Our hair looks and feels sooooo much healthier, and not to mention, getting to sit in a salon and relax while are hair is styled is definitely something we took for granted before COVID hit.

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