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“Sit up straight!” A phrase many have hear throughout their lives from parents, instructors, coaches or doctors. Posture is something that is so important, but when done improperly is a bad habit that is hard to break. Unless you’re an athlete or have trained yourself to sit up straight, posture is definitely something most of us could improve upon. The Upright Go is the perfect device to help improve everyone’s posture and is super simple and technically efficient to use.

The Upright Go

Posture is important for so many reasons. Whether it’s for balance, exercise, or vanity, posture matters. There are so many health benefits that come from straightening your back. Your muscles aren’t strained as easily, there’s less stress on ligaments and joints, and it keeps bones aligned. The benefits are endless. By reducing the stress off your back that comes with slouching you become calmer and more relaxed overall. It instantly slims your waist and makes you feel (and look) more confident. When you feel great, you look great, feel confident in your skin just by standing up straight.

The Upright Go is the perfect device to train your body. Get impressive posture and a strong back in 2 weeks. Just attach the device, download the app and improve everyday. The app works to track your progress and show you how you can improve different areas of your posture. It vibrates to alert you whenever you slouch, ensuring that you are truly training your body.

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KF’s Review

I was so excited when I found this device and the effects that it could have on my posture.  Having danced with a ballet company, I know what it means to sit up straight, have good posture and alignment.  As an equestrian, I thought this could be a very helpful training tool.

When I first opened my Upright Go, it was so easy to get going.   A simple download of an app and answering a few questions, I was able to use the included adhesive and attach it to my back.  Easy as 1-2-3.

I wore it to the barn, and found that the more tired I got or the way I sat when I looked at my phone, were two key places where I tend to lose my posture.  It has made me so much more aware of the quality of my posture and alignment.  I was even a little sore from engaging the muscles used to maintain proper posture after the first use, which told me much about my conditioning of those muscles.

I found this device to be something so simple and easy to incorporate into my lifestyle, and the benefits are truly spectacular from keeping yourself standing up straight.  It truly is something that has a plethora of benefits that are stunning and truly improve your health. I found it just as easy to use day to day at the office as at the gym. A soft gentle vibration that just reminds me to reset and stand up straight.

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xo, KF

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