Guatemalan Style ~ Bright + Colorful Interiors

Guatemalan Style ~ Bright + Colorful Interiors

I am just getting back from a humanitarian trip re-designing an orphanage for abused girls with my daughter Isabella, where we were both inspired by gorgeous Antigua, Guatemala. The colonial city is design eye candy. While we were there, we immersed ourselves in the culture as much as possible, and discovered Guatemalan style is bright, colorful, beautiful and fun. Incorporating a little Guatemalan style into your home is sure to brighten any room and give it a fun, globally curated feel to help ease into the cold winter months. Take a peek at some inspo to help inspire your day…

The Look

Guatemala interiors are all about mixing colors, textures, styles and patterns. Bright, bold colors, textural multi-colored textiles, statement walls and furniture instantly brighten our day and our homes.  The look is happy and tropically inspired, which relieves stress and instantly makes you feel better.

Bright blue is always a striking addition to any decor. Cobalt mixed with turquoise is a statement-making pair in your space.  Accented with yellows, pinks, and oranges, it gives that tropical feeling and flair.

A bold textile that is bohemian and quilt-like is huge in Guatemalan style.  All this saturated pattern and color makes this cozy window space the perfect place to sit and take in the culture over a long and delicious lunch.  Incorporating cozy places to lounge is a great way to get that vacation flair for a few moments of downtime in your own home.

These colorful and interesting light fixtures draw in the eye, and are a wonderfully creative addition to create a unique space that represents your style.  Honestly, there are so many materials that can be used and / or re-purposed when creating a light fixture, so get creative and make something that inspires you.  Check out some light fixture inspo on BlogLovin here.

The graphic flair that is created with bold uses of color adds such a unique feature to this space.  This is such a simple DIY. Use painters tape and a few of your fave bold colored paint. Create a design that speaks to you and your design aesthetic, while creating an impact visually.  It’s also an easy way to take an outdated and drab piece of furniture, and make it current, striking, and one of a kind.

A statement wall and art installation is perfect when you want to mix your interior up and truly make it unique and impactful. The use of different line techniques work to draw your eye to the desired area. If you want to draw attention to or away from a certain area in your home simply use lines. The eye will automatically go where the lines lead it. Doing it in fun Guatemalan inspired colors is simply a bonus.

Fresh flowers and greenery truly speak to the Guatemalan culture. Adding them on tables, shelves and throughout your home to bring in colors and a little bit of nature is always beautiful.

All of these colors work perfectly together because there is the perfect mix of them throughout the interior. They are used multiple times in order to not seem random, but rather purposefully placed in a thoughtful way. The gorgeous natural woods and neutral colors is why this design aesthetic works so well. Add these statement colors and features mixed with a modern and simple design. This allows this look to work without it being overwhelming and messy.


We found a little inspiration out of side of Guatemala to show you exactly how to incorporate it into your spaces.

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Obviously, the style is all about incorporating bright and happy colors. Mixtures of different eclectic textures truly add to this design aesthetic. More is more when it comes to decorating your space. More accessories, more colors, more patterns ~ they are all welcome.

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A painted door is such a fun look and truly brightens up any home. Add some colorful and contrasting rugs, and viola!

The easiest way to begin to incorporate a new style into your space ~ pillows!

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