Indie Beauty Expo – Must Have Products

Last week, the KF Team attended the Dallas Indie Beauty Expo Event held at Neiman Marcus Northpark. We were thrilled to find some fabulous new beauty and skincare products, as well as a bit of an education on the latest in beauty and skincare. We were introduced to some new and exciting brands. The event was set up so guests could walk through, sample, and learn about the featured brands and products. Check out the biggest trends in beauty and skincare for fall and winter 2018 …

The Products

We are so excited to share a few of the products we were introduced to at The Indie Beauty Expo.

Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil

Circcell Fruition Brightening & Polishing Fruit Mask

Le Sirène Beauty Collagen Supplements

Ayuna Restorative Prebiotic Care Body Cream

Lük Lip Nourish Sheer Lipstick

Ikoo Infusions Thermal Treatment Wrap

Pistaché Skincare Pistachio Oil Body Butter

Ellis Faas – Ellis Eyes Mascara

The Trends

We are seeing such a wide variety of trends in order to keep your skin fresh, youthful, and glowing.  From collagen to naturally derived products, here’s the best of the best that we discovered.


We’ve learned that collagen is truly the secret to gorgeous skin full of elasticity. Collagen is something we have been expanding our knowledge about for awhile now. From supplements to creams to drinks, the benefits of collagen seem to be endless.  Check out KF’s  blog on how to boost collagen here.

Check out La Sirène. A collagen supplement you mix into an existing drink. They work to restore and rejuvenate beauty and wellness starting from the inside. Learn all about La Sirène here.


A recurring theme in almost every booth we visited was organic or all natural ingredients. You want to look for ingredients that are natural, free of chemicals and include the most basic and simple elements.

Lük Beautifood lip nourish sheer lipstick caught our eye. It’s a type of lipstick/balm that is 100% natural, toxin free, and nutrient active. Their lip products add the most beautiful color to the lip, while moisturizing as well. Coming in a huge range of colors, we instantly fell in love with their products. Check out their story and their lip products here.

Oils & Serums

Oils and serums have been huge recently. They both work to achieve different things, and we learned not to be afraid to use them all together for great results. There are different oils for different problems and solutions, and this is the same for serums. Oils fight aging and moisturize the skin. Serums target and pinpoint different areas of skincare. Whether you want to moisturize, increase radiance, improve fine lines, target acne, or lighten dark spots – there is a serum out there for you.

We were introduced to Le Prunier 100% organic Plum Beauty Oil. It’s full of antioxidants and works to lock in moisture for soft and youthful radiance. Use it on skin, hair and nails. Check out Le Prunier here.

Skincare on a Budget

Beauty and skincare are tricky waters to navigate. There are so many brands and so many have become so elevated, it’s hard to keep up. Expensive doesn’t mean guaranteed to work. There are many products that are affordable and work just as well as a high end product. If you are on a budget these are our top picks, so you can have amazing skin without breaking the bank.


xo, KF

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