Saturday Mornings ~ Lounging in Style

I absolutely adore Saturday mornings, especially summer ones. No running to school, the studio, or a meeting.  It’s my time to relax with my family, a cup of my favorite coffee in hand, organize my home, and talk with my kids about our weekend plans.  Giving myself a chance to sit and relax, and catch up with my family. Another one of my favorite things about lazy Saturday mornings? Cute + comfy loungewear. Weekend mornings are perfect for your bringing out the best outfits to lounge in, so you can be comfortable and still look pretty!

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Picture by Bob Manzano

Woodsboro Tied Tank from Anthropologie.

Coronado Striped Pants from Anthropologie.

CAI Necklace from The Kathy Fielder Boutique

Favorite Products at the Moment

We simply love Anthropologie’s coffee mugs and tea cups, that are as fashionable as they are functional! And, let’s face it – they’re sooo cute! The Tomatoa Mug from Anthropologie.

Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle in Volcano. This cult favorite candle has the most heavenly smell, perfect for a relaxing Saturday morning. Here at KF we can’t get enough of the intoxicating scent, and let’s face it! Anthropologie may have the best candle holders on the market that fit into any decor!

Moon Juice has some amazing powders that you can add to any hot or cold beverage. There are many different kinds, such as sex dust, beauty dust, brain dust, dream dust, and more. Each targets a specific area in your life and makes it better! Shop the different types of dust or try this sample of all of them from

Shop KF’s Favorite Loungewear Sites on RewardStyle

Our go to loungewear is a mix of Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Revolve and ASOS. Good loungewear that can be worn inside the home as comfy pj’s and outside the home as a fashionably casual look is a favorite here at KF. Pair cute joggers and pants with fun graphic tees, or cropped tanks. Need a little more elevated look?  Throw on a romper, jumpsuit, or dress to make you feel the perfect amount of put-together, but completely comfortable in every activity thrown your way.

Happy weekend!

xo, KF

xo, KF

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