How to Style Your Bar Cart

It’s time for fall parties and entertaining.  A bar cart is one of those essential in home design and taking care of your guests with style and ease. It’s the perfect stylish, yet functional piece of furniture for any room. You can use a bar cart to display your favorite glassware and decanters. It also holds small accessories and decor for the ultimate in personalization. No two bar carts are the same, and that’s what we love about them! There are so many beautiful styles like this one designed by Kathy Fielder.  It’s a great opportunity to style your room and express your personality and design style.

Our EIC, Kathy Fielder, just updated her office loft at our HQ. With a newly decorated office, came the addition of a bar cart. This cart, part of her furniture line, is styled to reflect some of the things she loves, but she also made it super functional as well. It’s definitely a chic addition to her sapce.  Take a look at some of our favorite bar carts, along with tips on how to style them to update the look of your room.

Photo by Thomas Garza  || Bar Cart: Kathy Fielder for Atlantic Furniture

Where it all starts…the bar cart. Picking one that truly reflects your style and taste is key. This ensures that it fits into your home perfectly. Pick a finish and color that you love! We prefer a bar cart with wheels.  This insures you can move it if need be, which is key for entertaining.  Kathy picked the cart she designed for Atlantic furniture for her office. It reflects her style and the room in which it’s in. It is gold with a white, removable crocodile tray and an antique mirrored bottom. It’s glam vibe brings her whole office together. It’s also the perfect functionality feature, and let’s face it, it’s gorgeous!

The Cart

From Huso Hem
From Swoon Worthy

The placement of the cart is what helps it fit seamlessly into a room. Next to a chair, angled in the corner, below a statement piece of artwork or shelves are all great places. You want to draw attention to it and let it make it’s own statement, but where you place it also has to do with functionality and flow of your room.  Keep that in mind when selecting it’s location.  A great room is not only beautiful.  It must be functional as well to be truly great design.



This is where decorating the cart starts to get fun (and fab)! Add your favorite glassware to the cart. This makes it easy to prepare a drink, and also showcases your favorite pieces. If you have expensive glassware that your adore, but that rarely gets used, this is the place for it. By spotlighting some of your favorite and most beloved pieces, they’re a reminder of pieces you love and appreciated by guests.  There’s no point in having beautiful glassware that you never use.  Take it out and enjoy it!

From Neiman Marcus

We recommend a variety of decanters to add a visual feature to your cart. An array of heights, colors and finishes filled with an assortment of different liquors is the perfect addition to your design.


KF Tip ~  Mix the decanters in with original alcohol bottles for a more free vibe or stick only to decanters for a cleaner, more classic look.

The Tools

From BonAppetite

Corkscrews, shakers, muddlers and strainers galore. Tools to create the perfect drink are a must. Having them all on hand make creating your next cocktail that much easier, and this is certainly key when you are entertaining guests.  The bar cart is your go to to create a drink center where cocktails can be made quickly and efficiently.

Pineapple and Prosecco

The point of the cart…. Holding you and your guests drinks of choice. Mix and match your favorite alcohols so that you have them all in one place. Put your decanters and liquors on one part of the cart and your wines and champagnes on another. KF always love creating a fun cocktail for her guests. If you have all the right ingredients in one place, it makes it that much easier so you have more time to enjoy your party. These handy carts hold more than you may think, and you can make any drink as long as you have the right ingredients on hand.

From French by Design

 Don’t forget the ice bucket! No one likes a warm drink.  Ideally when entertaining, you want an ice bucket for opened bottles of champagne and white wines.  You need a second with ice and a scoop for making cocktails that are served on the rocks.



When accessorized correctly, a bar cart truly speaks for itself. Allocating the different areas of the cart for a specific functionality based on your style of entertaining is where to start. From there you accessorize and decorate the open spaces to personalize the look. Adding different decor around the glasses, alcohol or tools makes the design look seamless with your style. Add cocktail recipe books for a layered look and so you can reference them when you are concocting something new.

From Fresh Home

KF Tip ~ If you love a more uniformed look, pick accessories that go with the style and finish of your cart so it looks tailored and classic.


The addition of signs, books, and unique points of interest instantly make your bar cart look designer and chic. Put a sign you can add personalized messages to, such as a marquis sign. This is a quick and fun way to add something new to your cart anytime you want.  Fresh flowers are always a beautiful touch and update for the season.

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xo, KF

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