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Introducing Ladies Who Slay the Real Way

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Ladies Who Slay the Real Way – Installment Four

Hard Work & Perseverance Do Pay Off

By Kathy Fielder

We have been talking about women entrepreneurs on The Fielder Report the last several weeks.  It occurred to me telling my experience on QVC (and the road getting there) might be a fun read.

Ever wander what going on-air at QVC is like?…  Seen the movie “Joy”?  Well, I had the amazing experience of walking on a QVC stage this week and here is my take on the story.  The backstory, the emotions, the euphoria.

This was quite a week in my life.  I have to say, it bordered well on it’s way to extraordinary.  After an amazing Fashion Stars For A Cause event and walking the runway with my daughter Isabella, a few days later I hopped on a plane and was off to premiere my new Fielder Home Collection on-air at QVC.  After reflecting on the last week, I realized that telling the story of something so euphoric, fun, nerve-wracking, exhilarating, and exciting is a pretty exhilarating story. So here goes.  My KF adventure on QVC…


Everyone gets nervous, scared, and tired.  No matter who they are.  I am no different. It’s what makes us human and relatable.  Lately I find I’m reminding myself to breathe deeply often.  To remember that no matter what, it is all going to be ok, and this adventure has been in the making for so many years.  I have dear family, my children and husband, good friends who are amazing and supportive. After that, you really do not need much else, but there are things in life that drive us to be more, want more, and acheive more.

Years of hard work went into this QVC premiere.  After owning 7 companies since I was 22, there has been so much blood, sweat, and tears in the making of who I am today.  I have sacrificed.  I’ve sold things to make payroll so my staff was taken care of (like the Chanel watch I was given on my 35th birthday by my husband) when times and the economy have been down.  I have made a point to do everything at my company.  Whether it was something that no-one else could or would do, or just so I could learn how to.  I’ve covered shifts for those who have called in sick and couldn’t do the job that day.  I get it, and understand the true value of a day’s hard work (or years of them).  When people say my life is glamorous, I smirk on the inside.  I know what it is like to work every day of family vacation.  I’m a real, hard working lady who is grateful for the amazing experiences she has had, and the ones that are yet to come.


The fact that Fielder Home has been in the works for almost 3 years is just another asset to the telling of the story.  Talk about daunting.  Thinking it may never happen.  Doubting yourself.  So much goes into being an entrepreneur, especially a mompreneur who is trying to juggle it all with a husband who is often traveling for his job.  Seeing it come to fruition, has been a particularly rewarding experience for me.  There is so much value for me personally in my children seeing a mother who works hard and is building something of her own.


You always tell yourself there’s perspective. Friends, family, so many telling you that (no matter what) they love you and are proud of you.  I have rarely been so humbled by the support and outpouring of love that I received while I was sitting there about to go on stage at QVC.  The empowerment I felt by people who were so generous with their love and support through messages, emails, and social media over the past week have been truly extraordinary. I must say they brought tears to my eyes more than a few times.  So all that to say, the age old adage is true.  It’s the little things that truly matter.  Life, love, family and friends.

The Nitty Gritty!   How the day goes….

I’m up at 4:00 am for the day.  Not because I need to be.  I can’t sleep.  You know when you tell yourself you need to sleep, go back to sleep, and you just can’t.  That’s me this wonderful morning.  Finally I give up, get up, and start to get ready.  Full makeup and hair required, so I get busy.  Finally, time to head out, and I’m not running my usual 15 minutes late, which is fantastic!  I get to the studio in plenty of time, and everyone is lovely, kind and engaging at QVC.

Myself and my QVC host, Mary Beth Roe

I have the opportunity to meet with my host, Mary Beth Roe at 7:30 AM.  Besides the fact that she is a darling, lovely lady that I could easily be friends with, she tells me that she is about to announce two new twin grand baby boys!  Her first grand babies!  Well, anyone who knows me knows how much I adore kids, and they mean the world to me, so I instantly feel warmer and relaxed at the sight of her excitement.  As we talk and hit it off – I am later informed by another guest that i “took to much time” (so sorry!) – I feel a bit of calm take over me. Mary Beth is easy to talk with. As I talk about why Fielder Home matters to me, what it means, who I am, and what it stands for, I begin to breathe and once again realize a very important fact. . . Once you believe in something, you work hard to make it happen, and you believe in what you are doing, the rest will fall in to place.

Myself and HGTV’s The Property Brothers

Feeling pretty good, I go and get dressed.  Walk down the hall…. get a makeup touch up by the in-house QVC beauty salon, and sit down feeling pretty good about myself.  Yep!  I can do this… Wouldn’t you know it, at that moment I am made aware that Drew & Jonathan Scott (yes!, The Property Brothers) will be on set and in the same hour show as I am!  How exciting, right?! However, I must say that does cause my insides to shake a little.  No pressure there at all!  I tell myself quietly,  “Let’s figure out what you are really made of, Kathy Fielder!”

In all honesty,  I would say I am pretty good under pressure, but this is getting to the point of a little nerve-wracking. At this point, there are only two things I can do… Run away and hide, or just woman-up and get the job done.  The bigger picture… Things aren’t always about us.  They are so much about the friends and loved ones who are there supporting us and cheering us on every day.  Ok I say to myself… Get up, put one foot in front of the other, and decide to embrace such a wonderful and amazing opportunity. “Let’s get the job done, KF”.

I arrive to the set (one of so many at QVC), and everyone on the staff is so amazing from top to bottom.  I’m standing there quite humbled and grateful for opportunities.  As I’m about to go on and talk about product that I have so intimately and keenly designed, a certain calmness comes about me.  I see Mary Beth, my host, who is charming, lovely, and a seasoned QVC professional.  I realize… It’s all going to be ok.  Just be yourself and talk about what you love – making people’s lives better through great design!  I’ve waited and worked so very hard for years to see this come to life.  “You got this!”, I tell myself.  “This is years in the making, you know your stuff, and it’s going to be fabulous!”.

And… the rest is history!  The premiere of Fielder Home was one of my best, most engaging times ever.  The time on camera flew by, I got to meet amazing people, and I got to do something that I’m finding I love more and more.  7500 notifications later on Facebook, along with the overwhelming support of so many friends and family is beyond more than appreciated. Talking about great design on camera and helping others learn how much a beautifully designed room can impact their health and well-being is a great passion of mine.  I love sharing my story and making “Life More Beautiful”.  I do believe you design a life you love, and what an amazing platform to share it on.

See more of Fielder Home and shop the collection at   More importantly, thanks for taking the time to read my story.  xo, KF

xo, KF

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