KF’s Quick Tips to Feel Pretty Fast

Your beauty regimen doesn’t have to be high maintenance. Although we love a good lengthy beauty routine, let’s be honest… a facial, glam makeup, and a fabulous blowout, isn’t always feasible day to day. Life is busy and if you are like Kathy, you spend so much of your time taking care of others and less on yourself. KF has some easy and effortless tips to quickly make you look and feel prettier. They don’t take much time, and they don’t break the bank. From skincare to hair and makeup, see our top tips to amp up your look in minutes.

Face Masks

One of KF’s go to’s is Farmhouse Fresh when it comes to pure and effective skincare. Some of her favorite picks are their delectable face masks, which she uses in the shower. Her particular faves are Guac Star and Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Mask, to smoothen and replenish her complexion naturally and effectively.


An at-home Glycolic skin peel has always been Kathy’s secret weapon to smooth, supple, glowing skin. KF only recommends doing this one time a week, as it is very powerful. She utilizes Bisous Glycolic Acid Peel. It is a very effective weapon to create younger looking skin. See more of the benefits of glycolic here!

KF Tip ~ Start with a lower percentage of acid and work your way up to a higher concentrate. This allows your skin to get used to the treatment for optimum results.


The natural look is one of our favorites. You don’t need a full face everyday to look and feel your best, you just need a few key products to get your glow on! If KF could only choose five makeup necessities, they would be “a tinted moisturiser, mascara, an eyelash curler, lips, and a highlighter. These are all you need to look perfectly put together in just a few, short minutes.”


The addition of a lip color amplifies your entire look and ties it all together. From bold and radiant to tame and natural, your lips tell the story of your look and make you feel most confident when you are using something you love. We took to our staff to get their top lip picks.

~ Staff Picks ~

Kathy adores a classic, like Dior 999 when she wants to elevate her look to glam in just seconds. For a softer look, KF prefers a classic pink like Chanel in Rose Tentation, topped with a shimmery gloss. “I love just a touch for a glowy, youthful feel.”

Chandler’s go-to lip product is Charolette Tilbury’s lip liner in Pillow Talk. “It’s the perfect soft nude that amplifies your lips for the perfect pout. I line my lip and gently fill in, then apply a rose salve overtop, it looks great with a full face of makeup or none at all!”

Kaitlyn’s favorite lip product is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Vanilla. “Life Hack, I use it as a lip gloss. It’s not sticky and stays on longer than the average lipgloss would, all while hydrating the lip!”


This one is quick and easy. Kathy always recommends Too Face’s Better Than Sex Mascara. It lengthens, volumizes and doesn’t clump for perfectly fanned lashes with ease.

KF Tip ~ If you are looking for something a bit less expensive, Lash Paradise is a great dupe for my go-to mascara.


In our opinion, highlighter is one of the best makeup products ever created! We adore the subtle glow and instant liveliness it gives. When Kathy’s in a hurry she swipes a little bit of highlight on her brow-bone and cheekbones for a quick lift and dewy appeal. She recommends the Becca highlighter in Moonstone.

xo, KF

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