Impactful Revamps for Your Bathroom & Kitchen

When we think of a home revamp, our mind immediately goes to updating the most used rooms in our homes.. the bathrooms and kitchen. It is important to understand the value of revamping these spaces, and ways to make the most out of your renovation dollars. KF in the middle of a remodel of her studio recently visited Triton Stone Group, a family owned company that imports high quality marble and granite products, along with everything you need to revamp your kitchen and bath from sinks, to hardware, toilets, faucets and more. With their excellent customer service, knowledge, resources, and unique inventory, it inspired KF to get even more creative with her own office remodel and addition. Take a look at some of the top tips and inspo on the market today to create amazing bath and kitchen spaces.

Photo by Jin Kim at Triton Stone Group

Although it’s not always the easiest change to redo a bath or kitchen space, it is a useful and important update that pays dividends in the long run. Transforming your bath and kitchen is the way to improve your lifestyle, value of your home, or simply a way to put a smile on your face at the end of the day. Craving a real refresh? Check out all of our tips on revamping your bathroom and kitchen. We promise it will seem like you have moved into a brand new residence, and you will enjoy!


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A simple countertop in a neutral color is just easy, classic, and stylish. You can go with a classic or bold backsplash, interesting wall color, a unique cabinet feature, or a statement-making island when you have a gorgeously neutral, yet striking countertop. A neutral, elegant base is the perfect anchor to decorate and design with gorgeous color, statement features, and unique finishes throughout your kitchen.

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Wallpaper is in! No matter where the space, a statement wall with an incredibly gorgeous wallpaper is impactful and the way to go. It’s an easy change and update when you need a revamp, and a papered wall is the way to go to create an amazing and exciting ambiance.

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A floating sink and countertop can look like a true work of art. One of the most exciting aspects of any powder room is your choice of sink, so you might as well make an incredible statement with your choice. On trend is a chic hotel or current restaurant vibe, and the choices are endless with this design aesthetic. You will adore it and, your guests will love it too.

Photo by Jin Kim at Triton Stone Group

Looking to splurge? There’s a new surface on the market that we saw at Triton Stone that is truly revolutionary and is changing the stone and marble marketplace as we speak. An engineered porcelain that looks like marble, close to indestructible, and comes in slabs so large that the possibilities to create amazing installations are endless is quite an extraordinary development for the remodeling and building trendsetters. With patterns and styles that are honestly breathtaking, we are in…

Photo by Jin Kim at Triton Stone Group

A cascading marble island is everything. It’s so very modern and refined, but doesn’t feel cold and says gather around me and enjoy. It adds that hint of glamour that changes the entire look of your kitchen, and makes it the destination room in your home for friends and family.

Photo by Jin Kim at Triton Stone Group

Want to live outside the box a little? There are so many amazing options that make a statement.. Whether your aesthetic is modern, classic, bohemian or a mix, that’s the amazing thing about nature, it provides incredible resources to create astounding installations that can last for a lifetime and beyond when done with care and intent.


A backsplash is the way to truly add your personality to your kitchen or highlight wall. There are millions of options in color, material, and size. The great thing is it’s up to you to decide, and your home’s aesthetic is the perfect guide when making your choices. Whether you want to apply it to every square inch of backsplash, or make a special and unique statement in a specific focal area – the options are endless!

The Pink House, Edinburgh

A fantastic way to create interest.. Break up your backsplash or tiled wall with painted points of interest. Don’t want to buy all new cabinets? Take this vibe and remove the door fronts, finish off the styles with a crisp coat of white paint and finish the insides with the perfect color that corresponds with your decor. There is no limit to creating a space that speaks to you. Just remember to make the space feel organic to what you have surrounding it in other rooms in your home.

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A huge trend right now.. large scale printed patterend tile for the floor. It’s unexpected, bold, trendy, and unique. With endless options by incredible tile makers, it instantly pulls your aesthetic into the room. A KF tip for the perfect aesthetic. The rest of the bathroom can be classically simple and clean because the patterned floor speaks for itself. No need to make much more of a statement outside of it. However, choosing fixtures and hardware that compliment and are refined is a must to finish off such a high end space.

Photo by Jin Kim at Triton Stone Group

There are so many options today to create a striking bathroom. From intricately patterned tiles to beautiful bathtubs and so much more, the possibility to create a bathroom that inspires and invites you in each day is practically endless. Surfaces to finishes, tubs to toilets, there isn’t much of any need that can’t be met in today’s marketplace and options are endless.

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A blend of different surfaces is the key to make the perfect space. From gorgeous marble to luxe woods, partnered with metallic finishes, and high end appliances, the way to create a beautifully refined kitchen is through texture and pristine design choices.

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Love a vintage look? The fast track is white and black. If you love the look of days past, then this is your aesthetic and the options are endless, and you are in luck because the look is timeless. Quite frankly, it’s not a hard look to achieve and one of the most economically friendly for your pocket book, so it’s a win-win.

Simple Adds

Photo by Jin Kim at Triton Stone Group

Fixtures are one of the easier things to switch out and change the look and feel of a room. Pick a new finish! From a plumbing fixture to hardware, if you was to make a change, the metal finishes in your room complete the aesthetic and are an easy way to make a meaningful change and impact. Always pick silver? Change it up with copper accents. Simple changes are easy and accessible, and they can give your rooms a completely new look and vibe.

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Light fixtures are a pretty easy change and make a huge impact in a room. Go for the dramatics with a chandelier or interesting fixture that works with the design you already have or are revamping. Lighting is one of the most important features in the room for function, ambiance, and aesthetics. Lighting is essential to create an engaging and inviting space.

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Mirrors are a key feature in any bathroom. They are an essential part of the auction of the space, but more importantly they give you the leeway to create the ultimate and dynamic space that you are craving and inspires you each day as you walk in to take a peek. Treat your mirrors in your bathrooms as work of art that inspire and help you completely and eloquently finish off the space that you are creating. Have fun with them and all your spaces and be inspired.

xo, KF

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