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With fall creeping into our rearview mirror and school on the horizon, it’s time to get organized and back into routines. A quick restyle?  Small tweaks so everything has a place? Maybe you are thinking about totally revamping your space, or giving it a few key aesthetically pleasing updates.

Taking time for straightening and cleaning (while you still have a little time) is a must! A tidier home means updates to your most used rooms. By changing out and adding a few new things to the most rooms in your home,  you can make it quickly and easily feel updated and refreshed.

KF Tip ~ You don’t have to break the bank in order to update your space to something you love.

We’ve put together a few tips on the perfect way to update the look of your home without having to go through any renovations over the coming weeks. This week, our focus is revamping your bathroom so that it’s more enjoyable and relaxing for your busy life, and looks beautiful too!

Stay tuned… as we kick off our newest home series, KF Revamp + Restyle over the coming weeks. As fall approaches, it’s time to update and create a revitalized atmosphere and aesthetic in your house.


 The bathroom is probably the easiest room to update and make the largest impact. You could go all out with a full on remodel with help from Absolute Draining & Plumbing and completely redo your bathroom to great effect.

The other option advises Kathy is “simply a little paint, new plumbing fixture, lighting updates, some freshly folded (and monogrammed ~ for a nice touch) towels, and your bathroom can have a completely new look.”


Change the look of your entire room by replacing with new plumbing  fixtures. One of the quickest ways to make maximum impact in a bathroom, fixtures are not an inexpensive update, but do give instant change to your space. If you want a more subtle but updated look, keep the same finish and color of the current fixture with more modern styling. Express yourself by choosing fixtures that fit your home’s aesthetic, along with your personal style. Is modern your style?  Pick a sleek stainless steel or black fixture. If you enjoy eclectic rooms go for a brass or copper finish.  Bushed gold had a classic, but current vibe.

Paint or Wallpaper

Paint is the easiest way to change any room. Don’t restrain yourself to only putting paint on the walls. Color is on trend for home right now! Repaint your cabinets (or just the trim) for an updated, fresh look. Pick a color that you love or makes you feel relaxed. Blues are always a good choice when it comes to bathrooms, but if you are feeling daring mix it up. Choose bold colors that are lively and make you smile!

Wallpaper is definitely back in the mix, and you can make a huge impact with it. More relaxing, smaller prints work perfectly in a master bath, and larger, more dramatic prints are an incredible choice for a striking powder bath.  There are some extraordinary wallpapers that can be used in strategic positions and are simply like art.

KF Tip – If you are lucky enough to have space for a chair to lounge in or style out your outfits on in your bathroom, take full advantage and find one that is comfy and livens up the space.


Lighting is a fairly easy change with a big impact. You can choose a dramatic chandelier or sleek sconces. A well-lit bathroom is so important, and this is the one place you definitely need to have a professional come and install your updates.  If you have a bathroom with a lot of natural light you are so lucky, but if not, it’s important to create the right lighting. Small powder rooms can seem dark and lighting is everything to make the space inviting and accommodating for guests. What’s more, the perfect light in a powder room is like a piece of jewelry.  Lights are something that need to be functional, but are also the finishing touch on a beautifully appointed room.

KF Tip – The right lighting is an asset for your daily life and is also a great resale tool.  Choose wisely and with purpose to increase the overall value of your home.


This is where decorating gets fun! Accessories are a direct representation of your style.  Choosing the right bathroom accessories that match the look of your bathroom and express you is key. They should be functional and attractive. Accessories should not only look pretty, but they need to help keep you organized and clutter cleared off of your countertops.  Decorative hooks on the wall, canisters with cotton swabs and the like, and pretty soap dispensers are necessities in any bathroom – and they should be beautiful!

Relaxing Elements

With school and schedule stress creeping up, remember to take time for yourself to relax.  Personalize your room by adding in elements that speak to what you enjoy and find soothing after a long day. Fresh flowers, canisters of bath bombs and salts, and find an easy place to hang up your favorite robe for quick access. Stock up on your favorite candles and display around the room. They can easily work as decorative elements with a perfect purpose to help you unwind and prepare for the next day.

Want more inspo?  See Kathy’s Pinterest Board Bathing Spaces here

xo, KF

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