Home is Where the Heart Is ~ Heartland Fashion is Haute

Home is Where the Heart Is ~ Heartland Fashion is Haute

Heartland looks are hot from fashion to home, it’s one of the stronger trends of the season. Here at KF, we have to admit this is a trend we struggled with at first. . After digging in a bit, we realized that there are soooo many directions you can take with this trend It’s kind of all up for interpretation.  You might think of it as a home only look but thats not the case.  With so many on-trend textiles and textures in interiors and clothes, there are many different ways to interpret this look. Taking looks from the runway and making them your own can sometimes be a dauntless task. Just the same, seeing this trend in boho chic interior settings doesn’t always make it easy to reproduce in your own home. From home to fashion, here’s how to style it all with heartland in mind.


Fringe, florals and saturated colors come to our minds at the thought of Heartland Fashion. The great thing about this trend is after you look through a little inspo, you can easily make it your own. Heartland fashion is a mixture of many different things, which makes it pretty easy to style.   Boho meets a little bit of heartland country.  Much like interior design, rustic and free-spirited style come together in it’s own new chic, yet stylish way.

Photo by Thomas Garza

This is the perfect outfit for the modern day girl on the go that wants to be comfortable and casual while still standing out and making a fabulous statement. Kathy paired a classic heartland top with medium wash jeans, burgundy booties, dream catcher inspired earrings and an Hemés belt that matches her Isabella Collection clutch from Kathy Fielder Design | Life | Style.

Photo by Thomas Garza  || Art: David Yarrow at Samuel Lynne Galleries

Although this trend seems a little more casual, there are certainly ways to dress it up. KF’s interpretation of evening heartland fashion is all about statement-making glam. Kathy took two pieces that are heartland inspired and made this current trend effortlessly glam. Her off-the-shoulder top has a feather detail giving it loads of appeal and texture. She paired it with a tribal inspired sequin skirt and finishes it off with Jimmy Choos for that modern day inspired look.

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Home follows fashion… Interior design is many times inspired by fashion. Something you see on the runway usually translates into a big trend for home the following season. Adapting a fashion trend into a home trend is one of KF”s favorite design challenges.  You can take haute couture and style it out into your spaces to create trendy, yet classic and gorgeous spaces.

Photo from Pinterest

From Honestlywtf


Photo from Kismet Home

We love a bohemian styled space. Something is so welcoming and stylish about a well decorated boho space. From crocheted neutrals to richer textiles, it’s the perfect design for a more eclectic taste that looks well traveled and diverse.

From the Isabella Collection designed by Kathy Fielder at Horchow

You may not think a mixture of soft, muted colors that work as neutrals truly depict Heartland style. However, pattern and texture paired with a white, cream, or natural wood bed amplifies this style, as well as the textiles used in the

Isabella Collection Lisette Bed.


From the Isabella Collection designed by Kathy Fielder at Neiman Marcus

If you love more saturated and bold colors, the Natasha bed from Isabella Collection designed by Kathy Fielder is for you. Both beds depict the heartland vibe in their own ways. This bed is rich in color, pattern, and texture, and is a striking addition to any room.


Photo from amzn.to


From Keltainentalorannalla.


Photo from 100 Layer Cake

Heartland is definitely not boring, nor does it just mean a “western” vibe. Mixtures of colors and textures are an absolute must with this decorating style. More is more in the best way! The great thing about decorating in this manner is you don’t have to be overly conscious of matching everything. Mix and diversity of pattern are key.  Things you may not ordinarily think pair well together will mesh in this style. You may just be surprised how great it actually looks.

From Urban Outfitters


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From Pinterest

Bring this look into more unpredictable rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms for a stunning appeal that really pays off. It will give your home a more curated and travelled feel to it. The addition of this trend is one that you will want to keep around for longer than just a season.  It will feel homey and inviting for your family and guests alike.


Photo From Anthropologie

Places like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie are the perfect go-to stores to achieve this heartland style. However, vintage stores and many smaller boutique style stores are swarming with the perfectly unique heartland home decor to create amazing and inspired spaces.

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