Guest Blogger: Décor Aid ~ Bring Feminine Warmth to Your Home This February

Guest Blogger: Décor Aid ~ Bring Feminine Warmth to Your Home This February

This is a guest post by Decor Aid, where award-winning designers provide a high-touch, end-to-end interior design service.
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February can be a strange month. Skies are normally still a bit gray and there’s more than just a small winter chill in the air. To bring some warmth to your home, our designers have found that light and airy tones have been working wonders for homeowners everywhere. Feminine tones like blush and coral bring an air of playfulness, and give a nod to the approaching Valentine’s Day. Consider bringing that same warmth and energy of the holiday of love into your space with a few of these interior design ideas!

The Color Palette

The easiest way to bring some this energy to your space is through a slight adjustment to your color palette. We suggest reworking it a bit to include some more elegant shades that have a feminine air to them. These shades are dynamic! Not only are they soft, keeping the space feeling light and airy, but they add a distinctly playful feel to your home. While a bold shade like magenta or flamingo pink may be too harsh, a lighter variation like salmon or creamy beige can make all the difference, especially when on your walls. Blush tones are a particular favorite to our designers, perfectly encompassing the upcoming holiday into a color palette. It’s easy to seamlessly bring these colors into your space through the inclusion of cleverly placed accessories.

Texture, Texture, Texture!

Look to textured pillows or soft blankets to add to your seating arrangement and double up on warmth through both visuals and touch. Millennial pink remains as popular as ever, and with the abundance of lighthearted accessories that come in this shade, it’s easy to include an arrangement of vases, a coffee table tray, or even a piece of artwork in your space to tie the palette together. Using a small selection of the same shades threaded throughout the space will bring that soft warmth to life.


Re-accessorizing your space can be as simple as strategically coordinating flowers that flow with your space’s aesthetic. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to invest in a fresh bouquet for your home. There are plenty of options available, giving you a variety that you can play up around the home. A few favorites that never fall short are the elegant Calla Lily, which has a white, curved shape that looks great in a long-stemmed vase. Its light tone and delicate shape pairs perfectly with a more feminine color palette.

Peonies can transform your space, providing a gorgeous floral arrangement that really comes to life. Let these act as an attention-grabbing statement piece in your home. Peonies vary from a soft whites to a vibrant pop of shocking pink, so choose something that fits well—or stands out—within the scope of your space. Look to lavender if you’d like to stray from the pinks and delve into more of a cool purple. You’ll notice an immediate shift in the appearance of your room with the addition of fresh flowers. They bring a lively buzz of energy to the space balanced out by warm shades.


Looking to bring this aesthetic into 2019? Instead of going with an overly dainty look throughout your space this Valentine’s Day, our designers urge you to bring a little bit of edge into the details. High shine metallics are emerging as a trend to keep an eye on, with furniture everywhere swapping out tired frames, stands, or hardware for this flashy elegant upgrade. To get this look in a pinch, try sourcing small decorative accents that feature a glossy metal, like sculptural pieces, mirrors, or planters. While this inclusion will be subtle, it will elevate the entire appearance of the room.


Photo from Neiman Marcus

Natasha from Isabella Collection by Kathy Fielder

Lastly, no fabric is more reminiscent of Valentine’s Day more than a plush velvet. It’s comforting, elegant, and has an undeniable decadence that makes it timeless. While you needn’t reupholster your furniture to meet this velvet standard, you should look to pillows to inform this desired aesthetic. One thing our interior designers reinforce is the idea of consistency throughout a room, so be sure to balance these elements out on opposing sides of the room. Through this array of elements, you’ll find yourself falling in love with your home this Valentine’s Day.