Guest Room Revamp

Guest rooms are so important in any home. This is where you show the people you love the most that you are happy to have them and make them feel warm and welcome. It’s a must that these spaces look and feel well thought out and inviting. Your goal is to make your guest rooms feels like a home away from home for friends and family. With holiday season being in full swing, this is the perfect time to revamp your guest room before people come into town. We’ll show you how KF took a simple simple garage apartment and made it a fabulous oasis for guests with both big and little details.

KF Tip ~ Want to know if your guest room is really and truly and dreamy place to sleep? Spending the night in there is the perfect way to find out.


Although this garage space has some nice features, it doesn’t feel very inviting. A quick addition of new bedding, pillows, and textures is one of the key ways to easily amplify the space. Thoughtful layers are what it takes to create an inviting and luxe space. You don’t have to change everything out, it’s knowing what to add and embellish. Small details that are well thought out are also key. Think of what’s it’s like at your favorite hotel and amplify those details.

The essentials and basics are here. Now it’s time to make the room pop. If you have a space with the bones, it’s easy to add the details to truly make it a welcoming area.

Leaving the closet and draw space relatively open for you guests is a must. You want them to feel completely at home and comfortable. They most likely will want to unpack in order to settle in, especially if they are staying longer than a day or two. Make sure your guest closet isn’t packed with all the items you don’t know where to store.


Art and prints make a room feel more personal and inviting. See more about small changes that make a big impact on last week’s blog about styling art here.

Texture is always key! KF loves mixing different patterns, textures, and hues to give the room more warmth and a truly luxurious feel. 

It may not seem like it, but you can quickly refresh existing furniture – no major changes needed. These chairs without any added throws or pillows looked little bland and tired, but a faux fur and coordinating pillows quickly transformed these chairs into an inviting place to sit and unwind. Add an ottoman or a coffee table and create an extra space within your guest room for lounging.

KF Tip ~ Have a smaller room? A small table desk as a nightstand and a soft desk chair will do the trick.

xo, KF

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