We’re Blushing For Blush Interiors

Currently, we have a blush crush! It just might be the perfect interior color as far as we are concerned. Blush is the best neutral to take your rooms into the fall season. It works to seamlessly amplify your space while maintaining a soft, modern vibe. Rather than using a stark white, grey, or tan, blush is the ideal alternative to create visual interest, as well as a little something unexpected. Truly chic and refined, we are obsessed and excited to show you how to incorporate our favorite pink hue into your living spaces.

Living Room

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A blush sofa is the perfect addition to your room and packs so much visual impact. It instantly makes a statement.  There are so many texture options from linen to velvet, you can easily customize it to fit the look of your existing room so you don’t have to make many more drastic changes to finalize a striking space.

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The easiest, most uncomplicated way to bring this color into the home is through small accents that make a big impression. Pillows, paint, and drapes are the quickest way to update the look and feel of your room. Bring in your favorite shade of blush for the drapes. We love the idea of floor to ceiling blush panels to make a bold statement. Pillows vary the visual interest to add depth and variety.  Mix and match all shades of blush to create contrast and layers of texture.  Another way to incorporate this color is through rugs and art.


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Whatever your design aesthetic is, blush goes with it. Blush can work to be modern and chic or vintage, as well as elegant and traditional, depending on how you use it. Use it as sparingly or as heavy-handed as you prefer in a bedroom. Add simple touches with accents in a rug or pillow.  Go full force and use it in bedding, in wall art, and in your accessories as well.

Sitting Area

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Whether it’s in your living room, den, or bedroom a small sitting area adorned with blush is really a to die for touch. A soft neutral, it makes for the perfect hue for a relaxing space to sit and unwind.

KF Tip ~ make a bold statement by mixing it with merlot for a rich, textural look.

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Painting your walls pink may seem a bit intimidating but the pay off is so worth it if you are wanting a drastic change. It’s the perfect way to bring the color into the space, but not having to change furniture, art, and decorative accessories. You can keep your main color of furniture, whether it’s black, grey, white or tan, and just paint your walls (or a statement wall) for a modern look. With so many shades of blush available, you can find one that matches your space and your preference.

KF Tip ~ when selecting your shade, make sure to paint a swatch on your wall and see how it looks at different times of day in different light.  Blush is definitely one of those colors that can vary quite a lot deepening on lighting and time of day, so test first before you paint the entire area.

The Office

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We love an office with personality. Use blush as your base and add in your favorite patterns against it. Animal print, stripes, polka dots, and bold solids can all be used to contrast the softness of blush.  Classic, dramatic, and on trend, blush, white and gold accents makes for a fabulous space to get organized and focus.

Kitchen & Dining Room

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From Anthropologie

From Cote Maison

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A soft blush island. Rose gold accents or hardware.  Whether you wish to achieve this color through glassware, paint, backsplash or cabinet finishes, there are ways to work this hue into your most used room. The color looks gorgeous paired with coppers and golds.  Add in blush fabric on your barstools or chairs.  Give your cabinets a revamp in a flash with rose gold hardware.

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Dining rooms are so fun to decorate. Through painting your walls, reupholstering your chairs, updating the center pieces and / or the table settings, you can easily incorporate this haute color into your dining room for a truly sophisticated space.

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xo, KF

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