Blue Interiors

Blue interiors are IN – in fact, they have been in for quite a while now. All shades. All hues. From light and soft tones, to rich and saturated tones, blue makes a statement. It is so refined and elegant.  This week we look at ways to remake your room with shades of blue, no matter your budget or which hue you prefer.

Bright and Bold

Blue & White always makes a serious and impressive visual statement.


Photo: Kathy Fielder at Monarch Bay, Laguna Beach, California

A statement piece of art in cobalt blue turns this sitting area into something spectacular.


Modernize bold blues with touches of black for a stunning space.


Photo: Photo: Kathy Fielder at Monarch Bay, Laguna Beach, California

Statment art with all shades of blue makes a bright and happy statement.  Orange is always a great contrast for blue to finish off the look.

Statement Walls + Rugs

A statement wall is always a great anchor for your bed in your bedroom.  Whether you choose to have it in your bedroom, dining room, or powder room, statement walls make serious impact.  Wallpaper has so many amazing and designer options, it’s one of those game-changers in any room, which makes it an ideal choice.

Photo: Bob Manzano on location at The Stoneleigh, Dallas, TX



A statement rug is definitely one of the pieces that anchors your room while giving it soft, luxe texture.  Rugs are one of the most visually inspiring pieces you can put in your space.  Make yours  count.

Photo: Bob Manzano on location at The Stoneleigh, Dallas, TX

The perfect carpet to set this dining space apart and give it depth and dimension.


Blue Upholstery

Blue velvet upholstery is a definite statement-maker. It has a lush and refined feel to it.  It’s a classic that can be styled very traditionally or modern.  In all shades, it gives your room a global, well thought out appeal.

Photo: Bob Manzano on location at The Stoneleigh, Dallas, TX

Blue velvet chairs with luxe metal finishes elevate your room.



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Soft and elegant

Soft blues, creams, and metallics make for a relaxing space to melt into and unwind.  They are soothing and elegant.  They can be classic, modern, or somewhere in between.  The possibilities with this palette are truly endless.  When styling out softly-hued blues, make sure you have lots of texture to give the room depth and dimension.

Isabella Collection by Kathy Fielder Caspin Collection

Soft blue bedding that makes you slip into dream land is one of those finishing touches in any bedroom.  Shop it on


Photo: Pinterest

A modern take on soft blue hues, who wouldn’t want to be in this room?  Touches of turquoise give it a contemporary, livable appeal and a soft California vibe.



Photo: Kathy Fielder at The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Nigel, Laguna Beach, California

Adding blue upholstery on the back of more neutral chairs is a great way to add in a pop of color, yet keep your room in a softer, truly inviting feel.

Mid-Range Hues

Love turquoise?  We do too.  In fact, it’s KF’s favorite color.  Mid-range blues tend to have an updated, almost bohemian vibe.  Paired with tangerine and fuchsia, you can really make a true statement.  Less accessories and cleaner lines make it appear more modern.

Photo: One Kings Lane

Statement walls can definitely be accomplished with the perfect paint color.  Paint may be one of the most affordable ways to transform a space.



This kitchen is clean, modern, bright and fun due to it’s vivid palette.  Who wouldn’t want to wake up with a cup of coffee here?



Bright, with a mix of colors doesn’t have to mean bohemian. This living room has a modern day mid-century look that we adore.


Photo: Pinterest

Brighter blue, softened with white marble and gold fixtures make this kitchen an instant and timeless classic.

Coastal Style

Who doesn’t love coastal style?  It’s one of the most timeless and appealing interior styles.  It reminds us of lazy afternoons by the water.  Downtime and spending time with family and friends.

Isabella Collection by Kathy Fielder Aiden Collection



Art really helps to define what you want your space to express.  There are so many choices out there no matter your budget.  Make sure to select a piece that tells the story you want your room to tell.


Can’t be in Greece?  Well, we say bring Greece to you and create an oasis right at home.


Crisp, yet inviting, this room beckons us to the beach and we can already hear the soft waves through the open windows.  A lovely and updated look on classic style.

Shop the Look on a Budget

Love the blues? Want to recreate your space on a budget? Shop some of our favorite pillows, rugs, prints, lamps, and accessories. From cobalt to turquoise to soft blue, we have handpicked some of our favorites to update your space.

xo, KF

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