Interior Design Trends 2018

2018 is officially in full swing and here at KF we are so excited for everything a new year means ~ starting fresh and focusing on new styles and trends is one of our favorite things to do at the start of any year! Whether it’s interior design, fashion, technology, or travel, the 2018 trends really are enticing and exciting.  This week at KF, we felt it was only fitting for us to talk interior design, what’s trending and what you need to know, and here is what we found will be some of the biggest interior trends of this year….

Curved Furniture

Curvy is in!  Rather than seeing sharp straight lines and rectangular edges, curves are definitely right now! From sofas to chairs, cocktail tables to end tables. Furniture with soft lines and luxe curves  will make a lasting, beautiful impression in any room.


Dark Kitchens

Maybe the biggest design trend change, white on white kitchens are on their way out, and  kitchens with saturated hues, high style, and personality are in. Dark, painted woods with interesting and vintage inspired details, along with mixed and brushed metals to draw your attention and engage you and your guests.. If the thought of too much color seems intimidating, utilize darker colors in the accents throughout your kitchen to add contrast and make an impact.  Painted cabinets were huge in 2017, and we do foresee more stained cabinets in 2018 in grey and blue tones.


Bold Colors

There is  no doubt that we will see bight and bold colors this year.  Bright reds, blues, and greens seem to be the particular bold colors of choice. Don’t love bright bold colors in your abode? Add some of your favorite vibrant hues through pillows or accents that can easily be removed or changed out for more neutral or softer options later. Whether you want to go dramatic with a large statement piece, or use color in rugs, pillows, textiles, and lamps, you can’t go wrong with this fun and fresh trend.


Wide Planked Wood

Wider planked wood seems to be the staple look in newer homes. In fact, a width of 5 inches or larger have become the new classic. This wide planked wood is reminiscent of a more rustic or vintage look, and they are the perfect choice for anyone who prefers an industrial or modern farmhouse design scheme. They will add surprisingly more to a room than one might think.  The use of wider planks adds a sense of charm to any room, as well as an inviting, textural interest in your space.


Vintage Accessories

Although this is not a new concept in 2018, it will be adopted more widely this year. Telling a story through old and previously owned accessories you curate is a fun way to add interest and express your design personality. Mix found items with the pieces you already own to create a personal and unique space. It is important for you to decide what era or overall look you prefer and find pieces that add to and enhance that style. Most fun thing about this trend?  The possibilities of what you can find and create are endless.


Brass Accents

Luckily, throughout the years, accents have really become more about taste and personal preference rather than one particular finish being the most popular.  However, each year a certain color or finish seems to be the standout,  and this year brass seems to be playing into design in a really big way.  Brass provides a warm yet subtle substitute for anyone who may be ready for a quick change without a big remodel.  Want an ultra sleek and refined choice?  Go for brushed brass.  Très chic.


Millennial pink was a staple color for accents and accessories in 2017. Although we definitely see it around still, it appears to be morphing into lavender and lilac tones, which we absolutely adore.  Paired with chocolate or even navy, use this alluring purple color in bedding, art, small accents, dishware, crystal, and accessories around your home for maximum impact and style.

xo, KF

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