Fabulous Vintage Fashion Accessories For Your Next Event

Accessories are the finishing touch and definitely take your outfit to the next level. They bring your entire look together, but we know sometimes accessories can be a bit intimidating and tricky when trying to perfectly style them. It also gets a bit difficult to decide which ones to purchase to go with different looks in your closet. However, we have a secret.  Want to add the appropriate POP to any outfit?  A vintage accessory always looks fabulous. Whether it was passed down through your family, you discovered it yourself, or it is simply vintage-inspired, you can’t go wrong with a classic look.


Sunglasses serve as a staple in the fashion world. Not only do they protect your eyes, there are so many different options to fit anyone’s personal style. There is something so glam about vintage looking glasses. Whether more Audrey Hepburn inspired glasses suit you, or round frames inspired by the 70s, once you find your favorite pair you will never let them go, and they add instant appeal when you step out the door.

Adam Selman x Le Specs at Opening Ceremony

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Glasses from Etsy

Round Raybans at Bloomingdales


The size, shape, and ways of wearing scarves is absolutely endless. A vintage scarf is something that never goes out of style that can be worn countless ways for a lifetime. Tie it around your neck, your head,  through a belt loop, or to the handles of your purse. The way a scarf is worn definitely says a lot about someone’s personality. KF collects scarves and will never hop on a plane or start a trip without one.  Functional and beautiful, they are an absolute necessity for the put together lady.

Vintage Hermès Scarf from The Real Real 

Vintage Fendi Wool Scarf from First Dibs

Gucci Scarf from Far Fetched


Purses and clutches can be as functional as they are fashionable. Whether you like vintage designer bags or ones that appear to be, pick one that truly expresses your style and work it into your wardrobe for that finishing touch that is fetchingly fashionable and functional.


Vintage Chanel Backpack from Far Fetched

Riley Bag by St. Xavier


Céline Black Evening Bag from La Bellov


Whether you love an understated stud or prefer to make a statement with a larger pair, earrings add something to every outfit. While they won’t always transform your entire look, they work to frame the face and add a little extra pop for that finishing touch to any ensemble.

Nina Earrings from Nordstrom


Vintage Bulgari Earrings from Gilt

Marchesa Earrings from Lord and Taylor

xo, KF

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