Modern Tools For A Modern Host

In today’s busy world, being a well-rounded host comes with a few challenges because we lead crazy busy, hectic lifestyles. Let’s face it, every modern host could use a little help from some modern-day innovation. But, with all the tools and pieces that could make hosting easier, how are you to know which ones are truly the best?  From appliances to cookware, down to decanters and decor, there are so many options to choose from. That’s why KF has picked some of her favorite tools in order to help ease some of the stress when you are hosting your next event this holiday season, so YOU can enjoy more and stress less.

A Slow Cooker

This appliance is sure a lifesaver when it comes to your next party.  The recipes you can find are endless and delicious.  You can have an appetizer, side, or the main course cooking while still prepping for your party. It is hassle-free once you add in your ingredients and turn up the heat. The best part: this is a tool you can use any night of the week, not just for your next event. If you need a little inspo for what to whip up in your slow cooker check out KF’s blog here.

Elevate your tablescape a little more by adding in a chaffing dish to replace your slow cooker once the party starts. It is a classic touch that says you want to make your table special and inviting for your guests.

Check out more chaffing dish selections on Rubylane

Coffee & Espresso Machines

Every great host is prepared for anything that their guests may desire. Having a state of the art coffee or espresso machine isn’t a must; however, it has the potential to truly amplify your party-goers experience. Not to mention, a great espresso maker is a fabulous addition to any household for a great cup of joe. Before your next event, plan a delicious and gourmet coffee bar.  Your guests will truly be delighted!

Check out one of KF’s favorite espresso machines at Williams-Sonoma

Wine Opener

Does a party really start until the wine has been opened? Today, there are many different wine openers on the market. Whether you are looking to update your classic opener for a more modern look, or are looking for a new way to open wine altogether, the options are endless. However, one of most efficient openers is one that is automatic. This device will seamlessly remove the cork of any wine leaving your bottle open with no mess and little effort on your part, which is super helpful during a party you are hosting. You can never go wrong with a  statement wine opener that can also be used as decor for your kitchen, bar, or dining area.

Get your automatic wine opener.

See statement openers here.

Your glassware at any party should not be ordinary.  It is an impactful and beautiful part of any event.  KF is particularly infatuated with antique stemware, and depression glass is one of her favorite eras for her stemware collection  Learn more about depression glass here.

Serving Trays

Part of hosting a great party is the presentation of your event. From decor to tablescapes, a simple, yet striking way to display your food and drinks is with serving trays. Passed hor d’oeuvres are always a lovely touch.  Not in your budget?  Find creative ways to arrange your trays and stage them at different levels on the table for maximum impact.  Your guests will think you are a design star!

See more tray inspo on Wayfair



A decanter is a beautiful way to allow your wine to breathe, and it’s striking as well.  The options when it comes to wine decanters are endless. Whether you want expensive, inexpensive, classic or intricate, or even antique, there is definitely a decanter that matches your taste and your style.  A classic touch to enhance your guests’ holiday experience.

See more decanters at Williams Sonoma.

Candle Holders

Candle Holders are small accessories that add a big impact to any room. Candles create an ambient glow, and adding a beautiful candleholder adds your personality and design aesthetic to the warmth! These are a great way to add a little more festivity or a different type of look to your home. You can easily change them out depending on the type of look you are going for, and depending on the type of party you are throwing.

xo, KF

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