Fall 2017 Trends in Home Design

Fall is here and that means the trend reports for lifestyle, fashion and design are out.  We scoured all the best news to bring you KF “news you can use” on everything home that is hot this fall.  From texture to colors, we have all you need right her to transform your home, or simply a room and be exactly on point in your design choices.


Texture is again on the top list.  As home and interior design gets evermore refined, the need for mixing and matching textures subtly and beautiful has never been stronger.


Yep… Neutrals are still strong and refined as far as design goes.  Greys, taupes, creams are all layered together perfectly and create an inviting space that is layered with elegance and refinement.  Neutral does not mean boring.  When done well, it is the ultimate statement and deliciously striking.

Brass and marble combinations

Brass coupled with marble has been very strong in the kitchen and bathroom for a few seasons now, so it’s natural progression into tables, end tables and the like was only a matter of time.  A classic, timeless mix, it is an irrestible combo that keeps us engaged and defines a room.



Geometrics are Haute!  They are the new floral and are decidedly chic.  Pillows, bedding, chairs, or sofa, geometrics make an instant statement that you can build an entire room around, making a dramtic statement.

KF TIP ~ Want the drama of geometrics but not too much?  Keep the pattern in neutral colors with gorgeous textures to create an instant room sensation.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals are appealing, warm, and inviting.  They create a well-lived, yet refined texture in your room.  Mixing them is easy to do, and easily lends a global appeal to your space.


xo, KF

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