Cozy Living Rooms And Why We Love Them

Nothing compares to a warm, welcoming living room, especially as it starts to get colder. It is somewhere you can unwind, be with your family, and enjoy life at a slower pace. Here at KF, we believe it is so important to make your home feel like you, with your own style and personal touches. Whether you love traditional, contemporary, or modern farmhouse decor, we have all the Inspo you need right here to create your own perfect style and incorporate pro tips to make it your very own..



A traditional living room has elements that are refined, tailored, and beautiful.  Even in traditional styling, cleaner, more refined lines are in, paired with classic colors and textures.  Draperies with designer touches such as a perfectly chosen tape along the lead edge, decorative pillows, and classic furniture choices, make your traditional space a classic success.


Art Deco

An art deco living room is modern glamour at its finest. Vivacious and engaging, you can’t go wrong with this style. Make it livable and inviting with lush textiles that are deliciously sexy, pops of saturated colors like emerald green or cobalt blue, and finish off with golden metallics for that strikingly lush and beautiful space.



If you enjoy contemporary rooms, you probably love keeping up with the latest touches and trends in home decor. Don’t equate contemporary with cold interiors.  They are anything but cold.  Contemporary means well edited and appointed for function, beauty, and comfort.  Make sure your contemporary living room is edited for content, and your choices are refined with simple, clean lines, yet engaging textures.



Eclectic rooms, when done correctly create an inviting living space that have a super cool and inviting vibe. Make choices that have a global feel.  Ikats, mixed furniture styles from different periods or regions, along  with beautiful  multi color fabrics with lots of texture and pattern create your perfectly eclectic space.




A modern, yet rustic room is all the rage in home decor. The trick is balancing the rustic with elements that keep the room on trend and comfort is key in the decor style. Light fabrics, paired with worn woods and clean lines. Touches of natural greenery and perfectly edited pieces and accessories make this style a success.


Modern Farmhouse

Much like a rustic room, a farmhouse design easily feels warm, well-lived and well-traveled. The key to making this design aesthetic your own? Add in personal touches that really reflect you and your family. Your favorite candle, cherished photos, and books you love. Anything that make this style stand out at as your style is the perfect touch, and any color scheme works in this style of decor, so you can go either bold or monotone, whichever fits your personal style.

xo, KF

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