Ditch Your Skinny Jeans for These Fall Trends

Skinny jeans are definitely out and there is a whole new vibe for fall ’17 that you need to know right now.  Fall means gorgeous hues, beautiful texture, details, and glam (YES!).  We asked KF what you need to know right now about fall fashion, what’s trending, and what you need to stock in your closet ASAP, and here is what we found.


Bold red is THE color this fall and is back in full force.  You will see power red everywhere you look this coming season, and we couldn’t be more excited to wear this rich, saturated color.  Either from head to toe or just pops of crimson, red is striking and stunning.




The infamous animal print will be everywhere this fall for fashion trends.  From dresses, to coats, to shoes, leopard is your go to glam neutral.  Yes!, we said neutral.

Gucci Jordaan Leather Print Leopard Loafer available at Neiman Marcus

Leopard Scarf at Nordstrom


Glam is in!  YAAAY! is all we can say about that.  Here at KF, we will take any chance we can get to be glamorous because why not?  Life is simply too short not to be.

Gigi Hadid is all GLAM when out and about in a chic black outfit in New York


Velvet is luscious and we will grab every chance we get to wear it this fall.  It’s simply a fabric that we want draped around our skin, and there is no shortage of gorgeous velvet for this fall.  It is everywhere, and you want to be sure you snag some key pieces now.

Prada Appliquéd paneled velvet dress at net-a-porter.com

Joie Huxley Velvet Sneaker available at Neiman Marcus

Velvet Kimono from Zara

Modern Takes on Classic Styling

Modern takes on Classic Suits are back and in full force.  Structured, beautiful style with attention to detail and striking lines are in, and we are all in on this modern, yet classic look that is ultra refined.

See Five Ways to Channel Italian Girl Style here

Need more Fall 2017 Fashion Inspo?  Check out Cosmo’s top shoe picks for some eye candy you won’t be able to resist.

Need more than just a little style to convince. Read this article from The List for even more reasons to ditch your skinnies.

xo, KF

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