Travel In Style – 5 Things You’re Probably Forgetting on a Plane

With everyone traveling out and about this Summer, it’s easy to forget a few things along the way. And we all know there are necessities that make travel days a little bit easier that are easy forget when packing. But, no need to worry! We have a KF go-to guide for your must-haves to make your next trip that much better and more organized. 

Portable charger

A portable charger is definitely at the top of our list. When travel days become long, especially with delayed flights, a portable charger comes in handy right when you need it.  You know that feeling when your phone dies and you are stuck with no way to communicate and nothing to do to pass the time. In our book, the portable charger is a must. 

Sonix Portable Charger, ($45)



The number of times I’ve been on a plane and forgotten headphones is countless! Put these at the top of your list as well. Not to mention, a fun color like blush pink looks chic and are totally adorable.

aHead Wireless Headphones, ($145)



A change of clothes in your carry-on is VERY important. Lost luggage happens more often than you might think, so having a nice change of clothes is convenient and easy to add in your bag. Pack layers in your carry on for chilly flights, and a change of socks for your arrival.  A great scarf is a smart addition as well. It can be used if you get cold, can instantly elevate your outfit should you need to do so when you land. KF never leaves for a trip without a scarf in hand. 

airplane packing guide

Sole Society Carry On Bag, ($84)

Give your neck and back a rest! Due to long flights, our heads just sometimes need a rest, and this pillow does just the trick. The infinity pillow twists and turns in any form you feel comfortable, and we simply adore it.

Huzi Infinity Pillow, ($39)


Hydration = happiness

A water bottle is one thing you may not think to bring, but very handy! Fill with your fave water or beverage once you make it through security, and reuse and refill to keep hydrated in the air and once you land!

Contigo Purity Water Bottle, ($18)

A few more…

A few more items we like to bring in our carry-on .. Advil, a toothbrush, and makeup wipes! The makeup wipes are quick and easy to use and brushing your teeth before landing can make you feel a little more clean and refreshed 

airplane packing guide

xo, KF

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