5 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Bed

If you’re like us, then your nightly routine revolves around binge watching something on Netflix until you fall asleep, still in your makeup. Well, it’s time to change that routine up a bit and start focusing on yourself and the next day ahead. Here we have 5 things every successful girl should do before bed to prepare for the next! We added a few fun bedtime tips too, as well as some bedtime necessities we adore. Take a peak at how to end your day so you can have the best day yet tomorrow!


Ladies, you’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, but NOT falling asleep in your makeup is our number one bedtime rule! Take the time to wash your face thoroughly before you fall asleep. The makeup residue sitting on your face only makes your skin worse in the night. Your skin needs to breathe and repairs itself the most at night, so it needs to be clean so it can breathe.  Seriously, trust us, it’s worth the extra three minutes for the results you will see over the next 30 days!

Things to do before bed



Sleeping in style is way more fun than sleeping in just a t-shirt and shorts. We swear you’ll sleep better when you’re dressed better!Things to do before bed

Eberjey Victoria PJ Set, ($149)



Hydration = happiness. Hydrating before bed is key to your beauty sleep! Do a facial every 2-3 weeks.  There are so many amazing products out there to create your own facial regiment.  Yes!, we agree it’s more fun to go to the spa, but time doesn’t always allow a trip to your fave facialist, so come up with a few products you love and treat your skin often.  End with a spritz of this yummy rose water for a little extra boost of hydration.

Things to do before bed

Rose Water Hydrating Facial Mist, ($22)

Speaking of your skin, a silk pillowcase is amazingggg for your skin and hair. It’s silky smooth while retaining moisture in your face and keeps the appearance fresher than ever.

Things to do before bed



Unwind and unplug. Reading a book before bed is 10x better than falling asleep to your favorite sitcom, though who doesn’t like to have a few laughts before bed here and there?  However, reading actually clears your mind and focuses your thinking, properly preparing you for the next day.

Things to do before bed

Fall asleep faster with pillow spray. Spritz on your pillow before getting in and let the aromas linger as you deepen into your sleep so that you awaken feeling relaxed and calm to start a new day.

Things to do before bed

This Works Pillow Spray, ($24)




Getting into the habit of journaling is a great way to unwind and unplug from the day and get ready for the next. Get yourself a cute journal and write down all your thoughts from the day to clear the head.  Make notes about goals and reminders that are important to you.  Finish up, close up your journal, and tell you mind it will all keep until the next day.  You will be amazed at the calm this simple little ritual can bring to your sleep.

Things to do before bed

Things to do before bed

Etsy Starry Night Journal, ($28)




Set your alarm! Think about your morning routine for the next day, and set your alarm ready to wake up and do amazing things in the day ahead!

Things to do before bed

 All fashionistas need a chic sleeping mask like this one. Plus, it’s silk so it keeps your skin fresh and clean!

Things to do before bed

Slip Silk Eye Mask, ($45)




xo, KF

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