Tea Inspired Cocktails

There’s nothing quite like tea to quench your thirst in the summertime. Luckily, there’s so many amazing recipes with sweet and unsweet tea right now that we find hard to resist. Tea may not be your drink mixer of choice, but actually can be super refreshing and the perfect flavor your cocktail needs. See some of  our KF faves we are concocting this Summer…

Sweet Tea Sangria

Switch up your sangria recipe by adding sweet tea. It’s the perfect alternative for a fresh twist on a classic. Not to mention, we think it’s even more refreshing than the original recipe. See the full recipe, here!

Iced Green Tea Mojito

Now an iced green tea mojito is something we can get on board with. With a spritz of lime and basil, this drink has Summer written all over it. Get the recipe, here!

Arnold Palmer

You can never go wrong when making an Arnold Palmer. This drink is crisp and refreshing and full of citrus flavor. Check out the full recipe, here!

Moscato Sweet Tea

If you’re more on the sweet end when it comes to drinks, this cocktail is the perfect one for you. Sweet tea combined with Moscato wine is a win-win for us. Get the recipe, here!


Sweet Tea Popsicles

Get creative and whip up some sweet tea popsicles this Summer that are not only adorable to look at and fun to make, but super tasty too! Infuse them with your favorite spirit or keep them alcohol-free for your younger party goers. Get the recipe, here!



xo, KF

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