Everything You Need To Stay Organized When You Travel

May is officially over and school is out which means the traveling season is upon us! Whether you’re traveling to the beach for a long weekend or a three week adventure to Europe, if you’re anything but organized in your suitcase, you will most likely leave something behind. Here at KF, we’re all about staying chic and stylish when we travel but also having everything in order. Shop the look for our travel necessities that keep us sane and organized.

person packing a suitcase

First things first, YOUR PASSPORT! This little bad boy is your best friend when traveling out of the country. Talk about chic and stylish ~ this “Jet Set Go” Katie Loxton passport holder is all we need for an Instagram worthy airport photo, right?!?

leather passport case with writing on it

Katie Loxton passport holder, ($24)

To keep all your traveling goodies like earphones, tissues, passport, and cash, this perfect pouch does just the trick.

zip pouch

Katie Loxton pouch, ($26)


all white herschel luggage collection

Sometimes, it’s just that time of year to get a new set of luggage. Hard shell rolling luggage is great for more storage and spotting yours in the baggage claim!

white herschel hard case luggage

Hershel luggage, ($199)

How you organize the inside of your suitcase is the real kicker. Separating your clothes can be a real help when it comes to traveling, and these laundry pouches are perfect for separating clean from dirty.

matching laundry bag set in gray

Laundry pouches, ($20)

Pouches for your makeup, sunglasses, and extra accessories make it so much easier to find once you get to your destination. Become an organized travel queen with a pouch for everything!

picture showing a woman packing

confetti see through makeup bag

Packed Party Everything Pouch, ($24)

For your bathroom necessities, shampoo and soap, this cosmetic storage bag holds it all tight and safe. You won’t even have to unload it once you get to your travel destination – this bag keeps it all organized with easy access.

makeup bag

NewChic cosmetic storage bag, ($8)

organized suitcase showing shoes and clothes

For the frequent traveler, a solid pair of headphones is everything you need. Keep safe in your carry on or around your neck.

white and gold headphones

Frends headphones, ($168)

Attaching a luggage tag can actually save you a lot of time when searching for your bag in baggage claim – so why not make it a cute one like this?

pink colored luggage tag with gold writing

Paper Source luggage tag, ($12)

Packing and travel layout showing everything you might pack for a trip.

Having a lingerie bag is perfect for traveling purposes. Not only can you wash it inside the bag, it keeps is separate from the rest of your pajamas or nightwear.

white colored laundry bag

The Laundress lingerie bag, ($15)

If you’re traveling to a tropical destination, then this bikini bag can be your favorite travel accessory. Never again will you have to travel with a wet bikini!

wet clothing pouch

The Knot Shop bikini bag, ($10)

xo, KF

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