The Most Dreamy Dressing Rooms

Ladies, ladies, ladies, we all know our need for a large and spacious closet jumps to the top of our wish list when it comes to house hunting, whether we voice it or not. That being said, regardless if you have a roomy walk-in dream closet or a smaller space for your shoe collection, a woman’s dressing room should be a place to pamper YOU. It should be a beautiful space that is relaxing, surrounded by all things pretty and delicate you adore. To all the wannabe Carrie Bradshaw’s in the world (let’s be honest, we all are), here are the most fabulous dressing rooms to give you inspo for a closet remake that makes getting ready actually fun.

Pretty in pink

One element of a fabulous dressing room is seating. You may not think that seating may be necessary in your closet, but even just a stool, pouf, or ottoman can make a world’s difference. Even if it isn’t for actually sitting on, a simple stool or chair can be used for laying out clothes, or reaching a top shelf. Here at KF, we believe a touch of pink in your  dressing room is divine, so adding a light pink pillow or throw is the perfect feminine touch.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

A mirror is probably the most important detail to a dressing room (besides a place for our beloved shoe collection). Whether it’s a mirror on the back of your door or a standing ornate mirror, every girl needs a full length mirror for that last look before you head out the door. 

Every woman adores shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Display your shoe collection on built-in shelves. Functional and beautiful, this keeps them from wearing and tearing over time, and when done well, it’s like eye candy every time you walk in the room. 

Pampering perfection

A simple and clean dressing room makes it easy to freshen up. Add in a clothes rack or mannequin for added feminine fun. Display your favorite pieces and store the rest. Less is more, and the little details in your dressing room matter. Show off your favorite jewelry pieces and perfume scents on your vanity with a vase of flowers or candle.

Whether or not your dressing room is hardwood floor or carpet, layering a rug adds an at home feel and comfort to the space. For hardwood flooring, a chic cowhide rug is elegant and modern or if you’re more into patterns and color, a traditional rug can create a classic and girly feel. Create a fun space you love to be in – whether that’s by a simple, white modern closet or a colorful and bright dressing room. The possibilities are endless, and the key is to make the space personal and your own. 

Florals = feminine

Florals speak to us women and are truly refined and feminine. Throw in delicate details like a jewelry box, coffee table book that you love, and vases to hold all of your goodies for a dressing room that’s soft and sweet. Wallpaper in your dressing room can also be a fun way to revamp your space – whether it’s just one wall, or the whole room, choose a floral vibe or your favorite pattern and base the rest of the space off of that to complete the look.

Seating is key! A window seat or large ottoman in the center of your dressing room creates a comfort throughout the space and makes getting ready with friends roomy and accessible!

Truly, a woman’s dressing room is a special place. Show off your femininity and elegance through the personality and vibe of your closet.

xo, KF

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