Our Morning Sweet Treat – Homemade Doughnuts

We all crave a little sugar fix every now and then, especially during brunch or after a big meal. What better way to satisfy your sweet cravings than with homemade doughnuts? This is a fun treat to make and with endless possibilities, you can let your creative juices flow. If you’re hosting a brunch with your friends or kids and family, try making homemade doughnuts for an unexpected sweet dessert that everyone loves. Instagram worthy, here are 5 of our favorite delicious doughnut recipes that are a little out of the box and almost too pretty to eat (at least not before we snap a pic!)


Instead of making a whole cake, try making cake mix doughnuts! Basically the only difference is the shape. If you’re making these with friends or your kids, have out different cake flavors to choose from with various icings and sprinkles. That way, everyone feels like they’re making their own little cake!

Get the recipe here, Cake mix doughnuts


For a more breakfast take on homemade doughnuts, these blueberry lemon doughnuts are calling your name. Although they may not be a healthy blueberry treat, they are too delicious to pass up.

Get the recipe here, Baked blueberry lemon doughnuts


Another fun and more breakfast-y treat is covering doughnuts with cereal! Not only is this a picture perfect brunch dessert, the idea of putting different cereal as a topping to your doughnut gives an extra crunch and boost of flavor to every bite.

Get the recipe here, Cereal covered dougnuts


Now this is a doughnut we CAN get on board with right now. This Nutella filled doughnut hole is everything in a chocolate-y filled bite we can dream of.

Get the recipe here, Nutella filled doughnut holes


For a little salty and sweet crunch, this baked salted, caramel, chocolate doughnut does just trick. Yes, we said salted caramel AND chocolate. Seems to good to be true for a morning doughnut, right? This little cocoa treat is the perfect sugar fix.

Get the recipe here, Baked salted caramel chocolate doughnuts

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