A Trip to Thrift Studio

For those of you who are all about a steal when it comes to fun furniture finds that are unique and wisely curated, then Thrift Studio is the perfect go-to shop for you. The satellite shopping experience of the Dallas-based charity, Dwell with Dignity, Thrift Studio is committed to help stimulate the growth and well-being of families escaping poverty and in need of a quality home. Dwell with Dignity takes it one step further and believes that a home that is both beautiful and functional is an escape and oasis for families committed to making a change in their lives for the better.

Dwell with Dignity raises the standard of living by creating inspiring and functional interiors for families, while giving them a place that they are proud to call home.   Here at  KF, we can’t think of anything much more dignified than that. Pride in your home creates confidence and pride in yourself, and we believe the benefits of that are almost endless.

Thrift Studio helps create good design, and is the perfect example of how good design does not have to cost a fortune.  Well-chosen and high design items make Thrift Studio a not-to-miss shopping experience.

 One-third of Dwell with Dignity’s profits come from the sales that Thrift Studio makes. As one of Dwell with Dignity’s largest fundraisers, the Thrift Studio pop-up shop is a huge hit with press,  showcasing designers and their work, and also features  amazing deals on furniture and home decor.

Here’s a little taste of Thrift Studio’s spring pop-up shop, along with the featured designers we saw last week at the VIP kick-off party, and our own fab little KF find!

Billy Milner


Charlotte Comer

Corley Design Associates

Barbar Gilbert, Nicole Arnold, & Ruthie Staalsen

Sees Design

Traci Connell

Waldrop + Nichols


Our fave find this time? We found the perfect spring accent for the front of KF’s studio for under $50! Can’t beat that …

xo, KF

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