Blush Crush: Why We’re Putting This Color In Our Home NOW!

This week at KF, we’re major crushing over the hottest new color for Spring and Summer…blush! The pastel palette for this season is one we’re definitely on board with this season. Light and muted hues are subtle and refined… perfect for the Spring!

While we’ve been incorporating blush into our wardrobes, we haven’t overlooked how to incorporate it into our home and every day living space. Adding in touches of blush is elegant and romantic without being too girly.

That’s right, blush is in fact a neutral and works in many spaces and styles. Make your home happy with this classic color by making a bold statement. We have to say, a little thinking outside the box and versatility never hurt anyone.

Who ever said no to a blush-colored, velvet sofa? We say NOONE! They may be hard to come by, but when you do, don’t pass it up! This divine ditty makes the perfect statement and sets the tone for the entire space. It adds an elegant, vintage touch to a modern home.


Muted shades and hues of blush are all over our paint palette right now. The vintage and antique look of these walls and architecture gives off that European, Parisian vibe, which, let’s be honest…we all want our homes to secretly model after. Don’t be afraid to paint a wall or door in your home this bold blush color while tying it together with other blush accents. Blush on blush is super chic and brings a space to life instantly. So bright. So happy!

Our favorite blush furniture that’s almost too lovely to sit in…

These pieces are perfect for making the statement that your bedroom or living room needs. It adds subtle color without overwhelming the space, and instead, completely refines it.


Mix and match different shades of the infamous blush color into your space. From rich rouges, soft blushes to rosy pinks, these hues complement each other perfectly and truly act as unexpected neutrals.

For a less bold look, smooth whites paired with pale pinks are soothing and calming in a bedroom. The smallest touch of blush can go a long way, especially when paired with other light neutral colors like creams, ivory, and light browns or grey for a perfectly relaxed and serene statement.  We say who doesn’t want to be here at the end of a long day?


Find architecture you love and revamp it into your own home in a unique way. This blush, gold, and white painted ceiling is impeccable and the inspiration for this modernized bathroom. The golds and whites complement the blush on the walls and the triangle shaped mirror elevates the whole room to a new and unexpected level. Take a small space and let it reflect your personality with breathtaking elements that are irresistible.

We believe in the world of design, the simplest touch of blush can truly make elevate a space to an entirely new level.  Whether it’s a chair, pillow, wall, or stack of pale pink coffee table books, its why are we craving this rosy, muted color in our home.   Simply, it adds a most elegant, modern touch to anyone’s style (really) and besides, let’s face it…it’s just pretty to look at.

A couple of our blush crush favorites 🙂

Urban Outfitters blush record player, ($99)

Target Faux Fur Pillow, ($24)

Check out Target’s own Blush Decor Collection Line! With several blush accessories and gold accents, these pieces can work into anyone’s home easily.


xo, KF

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