KF’s 5 Tips to Refreshing a Bedroom

Refreshing your bedroom should be easy and effortless! What better way to revamp your bedroom in little to no time than with a few pillows, a new rug, or some fresh new paint colors? Regardless of the size of your room, there are always ways to clean up and revamp and turn your bedroom into a blissful dream. KF’s tips and tricks to sprucing up your bedroom make a refresh fun and effective ~ see the 5 tips below!

The perfect pillow

A pillow can add the most elegant and refined touch to a room while making a huge impact! Kathy Fielder’s pillows are the perfect accent throw pillows to make a statement and change the look of your room completely. Either on your bed or an accent in your side chair, see all of KF’s favorite accent pillows on her boutique here!

For a bold and studded statement – this pillow is stunning! It adds just the right amount of texture and dimension to a bed in an instant.

For a little color and sheen, this velvet geometic pillow is rich in color and bold in design.

Add more sheen and shimmer with this cream metallic textured pillow that makes just the right statement.

Bedroom bliss

Besides adding a few accent pillows to your bedroom, creating a sitting area in your bedroom is another way to make your room more inviting and alluring. Making space for a couple of chairs and ottoman creates the illusion of a larger refined room. Sectioning off a space in your bedroom makes the room more functional and practical.

Allesandro arm chair, ($200)

A statement rug

A chic and stylish rug is the perfect refresher for your bedroom. A new rug looks fresh gives a little pop of color or texture to your space!

Anthropologie Palette Rug, ($7998)

The big book of c h i c

Your bedside table or side table should reflect your personality. Whether you have little trinkets from your past, your favorite scented candle, or a inspirational book, less is more and makes more of a statement on your table than cluttered chaos next to where you wake up!

The Big Book of Chic, ($57)

A pretty palette

Changing up your paint palette can be refreshing and a clean start to a new season! Our favorite paint colors right now include blush (the infamous millennial pink), soft greys, and light blues. These colors are typically used as neutrals and brighten and freshen up any space instantly.


xo, KF

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