What To Wear To Your Next Spring Wedding

Right in the midst of Springtime wedding season, it’s sometimes a bit difficult to decode the right attire that’s addressed on the invitation. From a beach wedding to a black tie affair, deciphering what to wear is just about as important as knowing the right wedding gift to bring! We all want to be a showstopper at a wedding without upstaging the bride, so keep in mind that means no white or ivory, ladies!  Here’s everything you need to know right here!

Black Tie

Black tie/ Formal attire is the most formal and dressy of all the weddings. When you see this written on an invitation you should immediately think of long gowns and gorgeous accessories and bring on the dramatic flair! A formal wedding is typically in the evening, and since it’s Springtime, think fun colors and flirty ruffles for this season and dress it up! Here are some of our most fave trends right now for your next black-tie affair.

Alexis gown, ($825)

Michelle Mason gown, ($770)


A semi-formal wedding can be more difficult since it truly depends on the time and place of the wedding. A cocktail dress is typically the perfect go-to. Try to stay away from black and darker colors for a daytime wedding and lean towards lighter or brighter colors. For a 5 o’clock wedding, darker is fine and can be a bold statement. Make a statement in a midi dress, a timeless and classic look.

NBD dress, ($238)

Charles Henry dress, ($88)


For a casual wedding (or beach wedding) and no, we don’t mean a sundress and flip flops, this attire can usually be interpreted in a million different ways – pants, easy dress, or a  skirt and blouse. Flowy pants are a great alternative since they’re casual, yet can easily be dressed up or down. Remember when in doubt – it’s always better to be overdressed, than underdressed!

Paper Crown pant, ($198) top, ($142)

Eliza J off-the-shoulder top, ($108)

Topshop skirt, ($75)

Accessories are a must for your wedding day attire. Here are KF’s favorite picks that will go with just about any outfit!

A neutral colored clutch is the perfect handbag for a wedding affair. It holds all your girly goodies in style.


Prada clutch, ($1250)

Tassel earrings are the hottest new trend in the accessories world. They add a little sparkle and pizazz to any outfit.

Vanessa Mooney tassel earrings, ($55)

A silk bandana works as a unique alternative to a choker and looks effortlessly stylish and elegant.

Donni Charm silk bandana, ($59)

A bold necklace with a simple dress makes a statement on anyone and any outfit. Don’t let the necklace wear you – a stunning piece like this makes the perfect accessory.

Fallon collar necklace, ($475)

xo, KF

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