Destination Beach: Mexico

Happy March 1st! March means spring is around the corner, which means we’re counting the days till sunny weather and lounging on the beach. Plan your next getaway to somewhere tropical, relaxing, and full of adventure! Our next destination? Mexico.

The endless number of amazing cities in Mexico make it hard to pick just one. We’ve narrowed the list down to our favorite 5 Mexico destination spots and why.

First on the list… Tulum, Mexico. This place is just so romantic and pretty we won’t ever want to leave. The Mi Amor Boutique Hotel is the perfect little hidden gem in the midst of these Mexico islands. A romantic adventure awaits you in the beautiful Tulum.

Mi Amor Boutique Hotel

Within the streets of Mexico City lies the best outdoor markets for little finds and treasures you can’t find anywhere else. Explore the colorful streets and bright atmosphere on your next Mexico City adventure, and don’t forget to hit the wonderful markets Mexico City has to offer.

Check out the best markets Mexico City has to offer here:

Mexico City Markets

The Pink Lagoon in Yucatan, Mexico is one must-see that can’t be missed on your next trip. The water is a beautiful pink hue, which comes from the high algae and shrimp concentration. It’s definitely high on our list for a picture perfect spot to escape to this spring.

Las Coloradas Yucatan, Mexico

Cancun, one of the most popular destination spots in Mexico, has countless activities and sights to see. Experience all Cancun has to offer while staying at The Ritz-Carlton right on the beach. Spas and restaurants galore, plus explore the city in the town center to explore the real vibe of the locals.

Check out the 5 must-see attractions in Cancun

The Ritz Carlton – Cancun, Mexico

Cabo also rests as one of the most popular cities in Mexico for tourists visits and vacay. Take a boat ride to Lovers Beach, fly board, swim with dolphins, scuba dive – the activities and experiences are endless and the views are incredible! It’s hard to beat a destination spot like this.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and 21 things to do while you’re here!






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