6 Ways to Shave Off Your Calorie Intake When You Go Out to Eat

When it comes to eating out, its hard to resist that bread and butter basket, tasty appetizers, wine, and lets not forget…dessert! With spring just around the corner, we’re looking for every way to cut down our calorie count while eating out, but when we do shave off the calories, we still want to eat what we love! Here are 6 ways to cut down your calories on your next restaurant outing and still have delish food you crave!


Eat before. Eating a little before you go out to eat will help you better control your portions and not overeat. Fill up on fruits and veggies as a snack before or a small protein dish so you aren’t starving when you get to the restaurant and start to crave unhealthy options!

One great rule when going out to dinner is to choose one out of these three: bread, wine, dessert. Limiting yourself to one of these courses when eating out will give yourself more control and willpower. And knowing you can only have one when going in will help you not even glance at the other items on the menus.

Order everything on the side! Dressings and extras when ordering a salad should go on the side so you are able to control how much goes on your plate. Restaurant portions are huge and almost always way too much…portion control is key!

Order protein style. When ordering a burger or wrap, make it protein style – wrapped in lettuce! Doing this cuts off all those calories you’d intake when eating the bun. Plus, all the good stuff is in the middle anyways! Doing this won’t make you feel so bad about having a few fries either!

Split your meal in half. As soon as your meal gets to the table, split it in half. Restaurants usually give you oversized portions, so go ahead and eat one part of what your ordered to shave down on those extra cals and take the other half ┬áhome for tomorrow’s lunch. Healthier dining is smaller portions!

Order healthy appetizers. Don’t get to that state where you are starving because you’re more likely to overeat! Order a light salad, soup, or healthy veggie tray as an app before ordering your main entree. Or, skip the app and have a glass of wine if your choice for the evening is wine over dessert.



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