A Girl’s Sweet & Subtle Guide to Sexy

This Valentine’s Day, show off your best assets in the sweetest yet sexy lingerie. Here at KF, we’ve nailed down our favorite subtly sweet and sexy lingerie sets that look and feel killer on your body.

Plus our EIC, Kathy Fielder, is sort of obsessed with lavender chocolate recipes (that’s right…we said lavender!), and we have to say, she’s right. There’s nothing quite so luscious. We’ve included all our faves to make on V-Day that we promise will impress, and you we simply can’t live without.

Step out of your comfort zone this Valentine’s Day and step into some lace and silky sets that make you feel pretty and gorgeously sexy because we think you can have your chocolate cake and eat it too.


This set screams pretty and sexy. The two toned pink lace on lace is the perfect combination for Valentine’s day. Fleur Du Mal makes some of the most delicate soft lingerie, and we simply can’t resist.

Rose Lace Slip Fleur Du Mal ($365)

Another thing we can’t resist is this lavender chocolate cake recipe! Click the link in the photo below to make this dreamt dessert for yourself and your love. Lavender chocolate is just the right amount of sweet balanced with unbelievable flavor.

The intricate detailing of this Fleur De Mal is gorgeous and all you need for this Valentine’s. The fuschia color makes the perfect statement balanced with gorgeous lace detailing. Soft lavendar accents make this dreamy to wear and hog will feel fabulous.

Rose Lace Bra Fleur Du Mal ($128)

Rose Lace Thong Fluer Du Mal ($65)

Macaroon lover? These lavender chocolate macaroons with buttercream ice cream are a LOVELY addition to your Valentines night 😉 we are pretty sure they were made by Marie Antoinette herself!

You can never go wrong with classic red lingerie. It never goes out of style. Get this super sweet, playful, and sexy lace bra at Victoria’s Secret.

Uplift Bra Victoria’s Secret ($34.50)

Step out of the box and go a little old school with high-waist lingerie. This creamy silky set with blush ruffling detail compliments the body frame well and is subtly sexy and cute. See more adorable and delicate sets like this from Love & Lemons. Truly, it brings out your glam girl the minute it touches your skin.

Bra For Love & Lemons ($108)

Hi Waist Panty For Love & Lemons ($108)

Take a different twist on mint ice cream and go for a lavender ice cream instead. It’s just

oh ~ so ~ lovely ~

Simply nothing else for us to say.

If you’re wanting to wear black, stay subtle and wear a ruffled lace and silk sleep romper. It’s still gives off a sexy vibe while staying alluring and gives you coverage in all the right places.

Sleep Romper Eberjey ($97)

Chocolate martinis! These chocolate martinis are the perfect drink for Valentines Day. Top it with lavender to give it that extra sweet and refined kick that is sure to please. Click the link in the photo for the recipe!

Lace, lace, and more lace! This bralette and short set is effortlessly chic and cute. The white says sweet, but the lace says sexy….best of both worlds!

Bralette Intimissi ($49)

Shorts Intimissi ($44)


xo, KF

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