Dreamy Terraces We Adore

Here at KF, we’re imagining sunny weather, cool breezes, and dreamy terrace’s where we can lounge on all day while sipping a glass of wine, and we are pretty sure you are too!

Revamp your outdoor terrace for the spring and summer months ahead and create a space that is perfect for entertaining, indulging and lounging. See some of our favorite KF outdoor spaces with some major inspo tips to create a space just for you to enjoy alone or with family and friends.  Cheers!


This outdoor terrace is a bungalow dream. The rustic wood beamed ceiling compliments the rest of the natural colors in the walls and floors. The clean, white upholstered cushions with rustic wood frame sofas are the perfect accent to finish off the whole space making it bright and airy for those dreamy spring days that are on the way.

Add in touches of color  throughout to create a space that is alive and inviting. Patterns coupled with beautiful pops of natural greenery and flowers make this space simply inviting and classic. Added texture with an indoor / outdoor sisal rug, makes it a true example of bringing the indoors outside.

Look at this view! What better way to enjoy it than in a swing like this one? A swinging bed or chair may be the most dreamy accent to add to your outdoor terrace. It elevates your seating area and adds a new and truly unique dimension to the space.  We voted!, and we are pretty sure we might never leave this terrace or this view!

A swinging bench can take the place of two chairs or a sofa and add additional seating for entertaining. Not to mention, it’s quite a super chic look. Just be sure when you have it installed that you use a quality contractor, and it’s anchored in properly to insure safety and long-lasting beauty.

The Porch Swing Company ($1269)

This outdoor terrace looks like its straight out of Europe. We can only imagine being in Tuscany and lounging here with a book and glass of fab Italian vino. Low benches with lots of comfy pillows give off a more boho vibe and make you feel right at home. Not to mention, an impromptu dinner right here would be pretty dreamy. Viva Italia!

Take your outdoor furniture to a new level, and have fun with it! Get creative and experiment with different textures like these petrified wood tables and vintage wicker chair.  Lots of flora, mid-range woods, the light fixture, all come together to turn this space into a dream escape from the days worries and woes.

Crave lighter and brighter spaces with a calming feel? Keeping a neutral color palette throughout your terrace area creates a sleek and oh-so edited vibe throughout your space. It also makes for a more calming feel and gives off the illusion that the space is open and bright, filled with light. The weathered gray woods deepen the feeling of relaxation, and the square concrete planters with gorgeous greens are the finishing touch.

If you’re one to entertain a lot, make sure there’s a place for everyone to sit and that it’s comfy and inviting! You can always add large floor pillows as a place to sit on the ground and lounge as well. This classic white and blue color scheme is always a winner outdoors , and plenty of candles for that nighttime ambiance will make sure you’re guests will never want to leave.

Entertaining tip 101 : always make sure to have a few, small folding tables around for drink stands.  People like to lounge and have a place to put their cocktail..




xo, KF

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