Statement Rugs

Wondering how to make a space pop and stand out? The answer is a statement rug! An amazing rug can truly open up a space and complete the room as a whole. By laying down a gorgeous rug that may have a pop of color or some sort of textural dimension to it, you are designing a refined area that instantly ups your style game and grounds your space. Here are some of our favorites at KF, and you will see why we can’t get enough!


Placing a rug in an entry way or in the walkway to a staircase is perfect for making a statement in an area that might otherwise be, let’s face it, a little boring. 

A beautifully patterned rug in a dining room really stands out against a texturally neutral table and chairs. This blue rug makes the room by finishing it and being the contrast that your eye is immediately drawn to when you glade into the space. 

Long hallways don’t have to be bare either! A runner like this one below elongates the hallway and opens up the space making it seem bigger and giving it depth. If seeps the eye to the artwork and chair on the wall at the end. Really beautiful and well-done placement makes such an impact when designing any space. 

Even spruce up your office space with a fun, bright touch of color! It will most like you inspire you and allow your mind to get moving and creating!

Don’t be afraid of color. Especially in a room or house full of neutral tones and hues. Brighten and liven up a room with a stylish, eye-catching rug in a traditional style, but unexpected in hues like bright pink and orange. You can’t go wrong with making a statement!

This gorgeous vintage, oriental rug from Domino is to die for! It will immediately catch people’s eye and open and liven up a space.

For those of you who don’t want to jump into the bright color palette, choose a cowhide as your statement rug! This is chic and sophisticated, with loads of texture while bringing a room together.

The different shapes, sizes, and colors of a cowhide rug can really make a difference when in their impact in your room. And hides have so much color and texture variation, they blend almost seems easily into your space.



xo, KF

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