The Coolest Hotels in London

This week at KF, we’re thinking about packing our bags and escaping to the exciting city of London. A getaway to Europe is like no other, and make this trip your best trip yet by booking one of London’s top hotels. The intricate design and detailing of each building and the impeccable design of each room with beautiful features and each with at least a luxury king size mattress makes these boutique hotels the best in Europe, and we are pretty sure you won’t want to leave. 

The Soho Hotel

The Soho Hotel is one of London’s most eclectic and fun hotels. The hotel features several amenities such as a film screening room, afternoon tea, excellent bars and restaurants, plus so much more! 


Hotel 41

Hotel 41 is rated the #1 hotel in Europe and top city hotel in Europe. Located in the heart and soul of London, this boutique hotel is luxurious with elegant chic design throughout every room. The hotel also features several bars and lounge areas including a champagne bar which is a favorite.

Milestone Hotel

The Milestone hotel is rated #2 best hotel in Europe, and is located minutes from West End. It overlooks Kensington Palace and Gardens. The Milestone boutique hotel is breathtaking and features several outstanding food and drink options including afternoon tea, picnic in the park and more!

The Ritz London

While one of the most prestigious hotels in London, The Ritz is truly a timeless place to stay. As one of the world’s greatest hotel brands, The Ritz makes everyone feel like royalty. The classic, intricate detailing in every inch of every room takes you back through time and is a nice escape for London’s busy streets.

The Strand Palace

The Strand Palace is located in the middle of West End and surrounded by everything London has to offer. Its extravagant craftsmanship is of note, and the building itself is exceptional. Cozy and contemporary rooms with 6 different bars and restaurants make this place an amazing getaway to London!

xo, KF

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