KF Gift Wrapping Tips 101

Whether you’re wrapping gifts for the holidays, a birthday, or anything in between, EIC, Kathy Fielder if giving us tips for gift wrap 101 and what to always have on hand throughout the year. These handy things will keep you prepared for when birthdays sneak up on you or when you need to wrap a last minute gift!


First things first, the basics. Always have a pair of craft scissors, ribbon, scotch tape and gift tags. For the holidays, ribbon to match your seasonal color scheme is a MUST. If you have time, grab some craft paper and create your own gift tags! Personalize them with glitter, buttons, ribbon or paint to make a truly personal experience for your gift recipient that they are sure to appreciate!


Have a theme for your gift wrap whether it’s a birthday, Hanukkah or Christmas. For Christmas, add pine cones, ornaments or jingle bells to the ribbon for a unique touch. For birthdays, bright pops of color are fun and happy looking. Get creative with it and add your own personal touch!


Red striped ribbon and white and brown kraft paper are always a good combination for the holidays. Having different types of ribbon on hand is important for any occasion. Need a handy way to store your ribbon?  Mount a couple brackets with a dowel rod or use use this creative base + rod storage from JOANN for a creative and stylish way to stay organized!


For simplistic and chic gift wrapping, kraft paper and brown yarn or white ribbon is perfect. These pink roses added to the ribbon add a simple and elegant touch for a birthday, bridesmaid, or hostess gift!


If you’re wanting to take a fun and still festive approach to gift wrapping, chalk paper is the way to go. Use white paint pens or chalk pens to personalize it to your liking and use for any occasion!


Another creative idea is to use a knit bag tied with red ribbon and a spray of greenery and pine cones.  Crisp, clean, natural and simply beautiful.


Nothing says happy birthday like glitter. DIY your own glitter polkadots to stick on to your gift wrap.  The combos are endless, and it’s sure to delight your recipient.


Having white wrapping paper (or even clear) is always smart to have stocked up in your home because you can customize it however you like! Bright ribbon and bows always look great and are fun and fresh.  A little navy or black ribbon automatically dresses up for gift for a more elegant occasion.  Handmade or letterpress gift tags are definitely a special touch that add an element of style to your gift.


A gift is never complete without a gift tag. Always have an assortment on hand for any party or occasion that comes your way!


If you’re struggling to find a gift to go with your lovely tags, a friend recommended some watches by Tag Heuer. She could not recommmend them more, they are so luxurious!




xo, KF

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