Your Holiday Airport Survival Guide

Traveling during the holidays can be super hectic and exhausting. With the cold (& snowy) weather, delayed flights, and chaotic ariports, stay prepared and on top of your game with these savvy tips to get to your destination safe and sound! Here is your airport travel guide of everything you need during the busiest time of the year~

Have luggage that is lightweight, yet still chic as well. In a sea of black, stand out with a color so it’s easier to locate in baggage claim. Traveling light can save you a huge amount of time, so if you’re able to pack in just a carry on, props to you!

No need to worry about an overweight suitcase anymore! This carry-on from Raden has a GPS locator, a charging outlet, and even weighs itself! A must-have for traveling with heavy outerwear during the holidays.




Pack a light bag with your laptop, iPad, and chargers as well. Since many flights can be delayed during the holiday season, make sure to pack a cosmetic bag and change of clothes for easy access.




Checking in before you even get to the airport can save you a ton of time. Download your airline’s app and save your boarding pass to your digital wallet just like that! For those of you that prefer to print your boarding pass or if you’re traveling out of the country, having a wallet that holds it all is essential.




Be prepared!  Delayed and longer flights are unavoidable during the holiday season.   With a portable charger that can charge all of your electronics at once, you don’t have to stress out about your dying cell battery!


A blanket scarf is the perfect travel accessory that is stylish and can be used as a blanket on the plane as well.  A MUST HAVE for any season.  You never know when you are going to step off a plane, and it’s chillier than expected.  Not to mention, a scarf instantly can elevate and make your outfit a little more striking if needed for that unexpected stop straight off the plane!



Sitting on the plane or at the gate, headphones are an airport necessity. We are obsessed with these brand new Bluetooth headphones by Apple.






xo, KF

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