The Must-Have Art Deco Inspired Accessories


Art Deco – gorgeous jewelry that has an antique yet somehow modern flare and makes a statement.  Uniquely graceful and OH so lovely , the styling of the pieces designed during this time period define and make an outfit stand out. Take this glamorous 1930’s Old Hollywood lifestyle to the next level from home to fashion with jewelry, head pieces, shoes, and more!


Add a pop of color with an embellished ring.


A diamond earring with a little flare like this is ever so chic and enchanting.


An eclectic clutch is the perfect vintage accessory to add to an outfit. Especially one as unique as this. A box or round shape is unexpected and fashionably chic.



These shoes are everything! They’re classic, but the sequins add a touch of shimmer and shine showing off that Old Hollywood vintage look. The epitome of glam.



For more fun, eclectic Art Deco pieces to add graceful and charming Old Hollywood style into your closet, check out Etsy or a local flea market for one of a kind pieces that catch the eye and make your ensemble ..


xo, KF

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