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Dinner Party Tips and Tricks

Hosting an impromptu dinner party or didnt plan well enough and need to throw something together in a flash?

We all know the pressure of planning something when pressed for time, so if you are stuck with no time to plan, here are some quick and fun ideas that everyone will love and you can get done super fast. Your guests won’t even notice you planned in the blink of an eye, and better yet, you can spend more time enjoying your family and friends.


Homemade Gourmet Pizzas & Chicken Skewers are easy and impressive.  The right seasonings and yummy toppings are easy to come by and easy to accommodate with other yummy sides.


Load up on toppings in cute bowls and guests can create their own personal pizza!

It’s fun and adds a personal touch to the party.  It’s also a great way to get guests to interact and enjoy themselves.


Chicken Skewers are simple and easy. Before you run upstairs to change into your party clothes, throw your chicken in a bag and toss it with your favorite marinades and spices.  You can also do a spicy and a sweet version to add some variety.  Do some vegetable skewers with it as a side, add a greek yogurt dipping sauce and your favorite bottle of wine and Volia!, you are sure to impress.


For appetizers, you can never go wrong with a meat and cheese tray and wine.

For the kids, do some mini meatballs or a taco dip in a cup with some yummy gourmet tortilla chips.




Wine and champagne is a definite yes when it comes to hosting a dinner party, and it’s always smart to have a few bottles of your favorite table wines or champagne  that are your “go to” varietals on hand and ready to serve.


Add a personal touch to your table with a chalkboard runner! It makes the table a personal statement to your guests.  There are limitless things you can do and highlight, and it’s something you should always have on hand just in case you need a table scape in a pinch…



xo, KF

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