Spaces + Snacks for Sunday Football


Media rooms don’t always to look like a man-cave. In fact, here at KF, we think a media room has become an all purpose space that allows your family and friends to enjoy much more than just movies.

Make your space bright, light, & airy with a few key pieces that will take your multimedia experience to the next level!

Modern touches with multi-functianl pieces will transform your media room into an area everyone wants to sit back relax and enjoy some Sunday afternoon football!



Instantly brighten your space with unexpected pops of color and accessories and adding seating for snacking and noshing behind the sofa is a fantastic use of space.


Create an area where guests and kids can easily come and get a snack, drink, or make coffee.  This is a simple area to carve out, and a local carpenter can make a snack and drink station and install in a day and completely elevates your space to the next level for entertaining and enjoyment!


Make your space multi-functional by choosing a sofa that doesn’t section off the whole room and allows you to add in game tables, extra seating, and flexibility as to how you use your space.  This space is super inviting, light, and totally refined and the pool table is a nice addition to any media room to keep kids and guests entertained.  Setting the TV and media flush mount inside the wall is a wonderful use of space to keep the airy feel.


Don’t have a premium sound system? Well, now it can sound like you do!

This Bose speaker is a little gem with major sounds and it’s only $116!




Aside from creating a multimedia space  that is fabulously functional and inviting, snacks for watching Sunday football are a must. We know how hard game day snacks can be to resist, so we’ve come up with a few healthy options that still satisfy without all the calories that add up way to quickly!

Everyone loves a good dip, and this skinny taco dip is something everyone will enjoy. Instead of sour cream, try Greek yogurt which adds loads of protein and load up on toppings that have added benefits.



Jalepeno poppers are quick, easy, and low cal and the spice is always good for your metabolism. Wrap them in bacon for that extra savory flavor and even add a sprinkle of feta cheese. You won’t be able to resist, but why should you?!



We all love carbs, but these no carb mini zucchini pizzas taste like the real thing and you won’t even feel bad about eating them!  Honestly, what could be better?



Skewers are the perfect go-to snack. You can do chicken, shrimp, of tofu (for your vegan guests)  and pair with grilled pineapple or any vegetable! For a little spice, add a dash of tabasco before you grill.  Guests can even create their own which is always fun. This snack is easy, packed with protein, and super yummy.




xo, KF

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