Kathy’s Pick of the Week: Outdoor Living Room


This week, Kathy picks an outdoor space from House Beautiful and gives us all the insight on why it works and how you can incorporate the same elements into your space.

Whether or not you have an amazing, well-designed backyard oasis or are just getting started, we are here to help with hints and hacks on how to make it the spot to unwind, relax and entertain your family and friends.


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One of the key elements of great design is a multi functioning, well planned space, and your outdoor room should be no different! This space is simply beautiful and lends itself to dining, lounging, visiting, and reconnecting with family and friends.

Adding an outdoor room to your home adds instant value and valuable square footage, not to mention the hours of enjoyment that you will receive by curating the ultimate outdoor oasis!

Nestled under beautiful trees and surrounded by gorgeous greenery, this backyard oasis is certainly  not overtly ostentatious, but nevertheless,  luxurious and refined. It’s rustic edges coupled with the softness of fabrics and foliage, make this space the perfect balance of multiple finishes and textures.  This space is layered with an elegant, yet rustic and aged vibe that draws you in and instantly relaxes the senses to unwind and “power down” to enjoy the simple things that life has to offer.

Don’t have all the elements this space has to offer in your backyard?  Try adding some beautiful planters and greenery or an herb garden to the space.  No fireplace?  No problem.  There are wonderful firepits on the market today to give you the same element that the fireplace lends in this space.

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