Italian Style at Home

Love the look, feel, and lifestyle of Italian Interiors?  Italians are known for their high quality design and love of finely crafted spaces.  Here is some inspiration to create the unique Italian quality look and feel in your own home…

Italian Style at Home Italian Style at Home

There is definitely an elite quality to Italian interior design.  Architectural details are a definite feature of the Italian home and finely crafted spaces.  With beautiful stone and tile work, vaulted ceilings, arches, hand carved moldings, warm wood floors, and ancient plaster on the walls, the interior architecture of Italy is some of the most beautiful in any region of the world.

Rustic regional elements are common, such as handmade baskets to carry to market, weathered wood accents, and time worn stone that is centuries old.  If you gaze long enough down a cobblestone path, you will probably hear the story it has to relay to you.

Fine linens, passed through generations are essentials for graceful Italians and their families.  Hand-crafted laces, embroidery, and monograms are a feature that are not to be missed.  Long known for their love of textiles, Italians have finely curated table linens and bed linens, which are inviting and cozy.

Everyone has heard of dining al fresco, and the Italians have mastered the art of outdoor dining. Refined to an art, Italian family and friends gather in gorgeous overflowing gardens with beautiful dinnerware, dining on delicious meats, cheeses and homemade pastas set on a rustic table with an amazing local table wine, where life instantly becomes more grand and glorious, many times in a very humble setting.

There’s no escaping tradition in Italy.  It’s everywhere.  From the mindset of it’s people, it’s culture, and it’s architecture, tradition is essential for the Italians and their everyday life.  Because of their love of the past, coupled with their need to look ever forward and set trends, the Italians manage to pair the old with the new almost seamlessly, as if it has always been.  Gorgeous, century old interior finishes paired with a modern sofa or chaise, and the Italians know you have instant texture and basis in any room.  Coupled with the fact, that each piece most likely has a story or meaning, such as an heirloom piece from an aunt’s estate, or a grand flea market find two years ago, such well thought out and well planned interiors are a considerable inspiration no matter your design style.  Mostly, an Italian home will almost always choose quality, style, and grace over quantity.

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